0bserving the split…

There is a tool I often use, which helps to resolve things quickly. I call it 0bservstion. Yup, it’s the word Observation, but instead of a “o” I use a zero “0”. 

The way this tool came into being was an instance in 2010 where a friend of mine at the time had a psychic attack that took her out. After bringing her back, and making sure she was safe, I went to look for the attacker in the mystical realms. I found the person and I was angry so prepared to attack. Instantly I received guidance to not engage at that level, that I should step out of the way. As I did, I felt all the beings in the Universe looking at the person through my eyes. The person was instantly dissolved. 

I was shocked and surprised at how quickly the “battle” ended, resolved. I then tested the method on other items. I tested it on problems, instances, locations, people, situations and objects. I found that depending on the item, the resolution sometimes happened quickly and sometimes slower, but it always resolved. 

I then taught it on Wwmn. We experimented with the tool as groups. Again, resolution came quickly. 

So here it is, the full method for you to use and the item I am requesting for you to 0bserve is “the human collective at this present time of the split”. But you can use it to 0bserve the plandemic or jab, or maskers, whatever you like. 

Here is the definition of 0bservation:

“By 0bserving a question, person, location, or situation, it will, by our 0bservation alone, become disentangled in our minds and understood. Often, this will act as a catalyst for the situation to morph in the physical and resolve quickly and painlessly.

This type of 0bservation has no pre-set agenda, intent, energy or judgment attached. It is simply an act of 0bservation. To look. Sense. Feel. And allow those perceptions to pass through us without getting involved with them.

How do you conduct an 0bservation?

You can use this tool on an item for 5 minutes to an hour. Longer is best, but most of us have good results with about 20 minutes at a time. You may have to 0bserve once a day for several days or weeks if the item is large. Small items can take just a few minutes. You can 0bserve more than once a day, but allow yourself 80% of your day to be spent in joyful and inspiring activities.

Choose a person, topic, issue, problem, object, location… there are no limits on the item you can choose. This item may or may not have an emotional, mental, physical or energetic charge for you.

You may use a photograph, the actual item, a drawing, a sentence, or an object that represents the item to look at. You can also look at it with your mind’s eye.

Look at the item (eyes open or closed), and simply 0bserve it. Move to the side, and allow the eyes of the entire Universe to look at it through your eyes.

Whenever thoughts, emotions, judgments or feelings come up about it, thank them and let them pass through you saying, “thank you for expressing”.

If one of the thoughts, emotions, judgments or feelings gets “stuck” in you and you cannot release it easily, use the Fear Processing Exercise, to release it, then continue with the 0bservation of the original item. If it persists, you can go into contemplation, get lots of information, then restart the 0bservation.

When the 0bservation is “done”, you will get a sense of completion and satisfaction.

Remember that if we went in without judgments or agendas, the resolution to the item will be independent of what we may believe should happen. If we feel unsatisfied, or that we wanted a different “result”, we need to process our “want” or do an independent intention exercise, and do the 0bservation once more this time without any hidden (to us) personal agendas or goals.”

Here are the words for the 0bservstion. I find that using a photograph that represents this item helps to do the exercise. 

“The human collective of Earth during this present time of the split”

If you feel inclined, or want to, you can also 0bserve specific items of the split. If so, write down your item in your 0bervation report.

In Joy/Light/Love

  – Inelia

PS: So, between a “O” and a “0” in the name, the original name I gave this exercise had a zero “0” as the first character, but it got super confusing and no one saw it, so I started saying “capital “O”.

The “0” however, fits it much better, although it is hard to pronounce “zerobservation”, so we went back to zero “0”.

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