A cure for cancer exists and Doctors know about it

Another shocker in the health arena.

There are thousands upon thousands of people around the world getting immediate relief and cure from cancer using a method that is so cheap and simple that the medical companies and “cancer research” organizations are keeping it secret.

They are keeping it secret because they cannot make money from it. 

Yup, that’s their FORMAL response, from top oncologists to inquiry around why they are not using it with their patients.

So, what is it? Well, I am not going to delineate the protocol in this article because there is a website that has the entire protocol and thousands of first hand accounts of its effectiveness. 

Just know that I used it and now I am cancer free.

WHAT?? Inelia had cancer?

Yup, but I didn’t share this because to me it was irrelevant. Now that we have a healing story that cures it, it’s time to share the information.

If you have cancer or know someone who has it, get the full protocol for free here: http://mycancerstory.rocks.

I got soooo mad when I found out that the medical authorities knew about this and have known about it for years, yet don’t use it because the meds used are so cheap, that I totally lost my cool. But of course that is just a victim/aggressor paradigm response. So I quickly processed it and released it. When a person is ready, they get the info. Period.

Share it widely so more people can see it when they are ready 🙂

Inelia Benz

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