Are you a Bliss Junkie and don’t know it? – take this test to find out

As a spiritual guide and empowerment teacher, I have interacted with thousands of people throughout my life. These people came in all shapes and sizes, all levels of awareness, all types of expectations, goals and intents.

One of the things that defines my work, is the simplicity of the tools that I create and/or teach. These tools are designed to assist a person in expanding their awareness and raising their personal vibrational frequency. They are designed to allow the person to reach their goals and become the sovereign of their own life.

Often the goal a person is seeking, is that of a Bliss nature. What is a Bliss Experience? It has been categorized as a religious experience, a mystical experience, a sacred experience, or a spiritual experience.

The person spontaneously goes into a high frequency state, which results in physiological and experiential states of heightened happiness, nirvana, satisfaction, altered consciousness and a feeling and experience of expansion beyond the self that pushes past their normal everyday consciousness.

Often, the person will then understand life better, or bring in information that alters their life for the better. They will understand life for days, then may crash and burn. If this happens while at an ashram, church or ritual which are locations and actions that are indeed designed and geared to generate such an expanded state, the person will often “externalize” the experience. They will think it happened because of the external rather than it being an internal event. If it happens when the person is having sex, then they think it’s the sexual act and pursue tantra for the rest of their lives. If it happens at the supermarket, they should pretty much know it was an internal experience and don’t need a “dealer” but often they will start looking for one so they can get back to that amazing state… which then seems to become elusive and difficult to generate again.

These types of experiences are not unique to one teacher, group or religion. Far from it. Many things can assist a person achieve it. In particular, spiritual teachers, religions, rituals and ceremony will generate these types of states in the individual. And yes, sometimes it happens at a random moment in the person’s life.

Certain physical locations and buildings, such as churches and temples, are also designed to generate this type of experience. And they are not always designed with the person’s wellbeing in mind, but for the organization or teacher/leader’s wellbeing in mind. Yes, some people will hijack and encourage the addiction side of the experience. Just because a person or an organization can stimulate the Bliss state on others, does not make them high frequency.

Be aware of this. People who can place others into a Samadhi/Blissful/Enlightened state by their presence or touch, are not necessarily enlightened or high frequency themselves. They just have the skill to do it. If the person or organization is also interested in domination instead of partnership, they will definitely exploit junkies and seekers alike. Often doing their best to turn seekers into junkies as fast as they can.

It is, indeed, a multi-billion dollar industry.

And the customer – The Bliss Junkie.

So what separates the Spiritual Seeker from the Bliss Junkie? Like in many other addictions, the Bliss Junkie will often prioritize their acquirement of the “high” well above family, work, and any other activity or person including their own health and wellbeing. If they are lucky, they will find a teacher who shows them how to generate their own “high”. If not, they will be subjected to having to find one or more “bliss dealers or suppliers.” People who, often by no fault of their own, happen to generate this state in others. The Bliss Junkie’s whole purpose of life on Earth becomes the pursuit of that Bliss state.

In my work, I will sometimes come across a Bliss Junkie. Many years ago, and this is what started my personal education on the subject, a friend of mine told me that she had to limit her time with me because I was “dangerous and addictive”, that she would always get a “high” in my presence and as she was a clean and sober drug addict, she could not spend much time with me because she would become addicted. “It’s like crack cocaine,” she said.

I was like, WTF???

But a tiny bit of research showed that indeed, it is a real condition. Not only that certain people’s energy fields, charisma or whatever we want to call it, can generate altered states of awareness and spiritual and physical “highs” in others, but that there are also people out there who are seriously addicted to it.

What is an addiction? An addiction is not just the indulgence in an activity or substance. An addiction is way more than “using”. It is when “using” becomes the number one priority in the person’s mind. It is when the “using” is put above daily living, relationships and other activities such as work or hobbies. It is when “using” damages our relationships, health and daily life.

The Test…

So, here is the test. If you answer more than three questions as “yes”, then, honey, you may have a problem.

1 – Did you have a spontaneous state of enlightenment or Oneness and have been spending the majority of your life, time, resources and energy since then trying to get back to it?

2 – Did you go to an ashram or other spiritual or religious location, have an expanded awareness experience and return to it every chance you get?

3 – Does your daily life seem to be devoid of meaning, importance or satisfaction, and you keep it going only to finance your spiritual trips and retreats?

4 – Have you been to more than five different spiritual teacher or organization retreats, trips  or centers in the past ten years?

5 – Do you regularly search the internet for new teachers, tools and gadgets that will place you in an enlightened state?

6 – Have you left your family, job or community to become enlightened?

7 – Have you visited more than five separate and different locations or people from the following list, in your life, for the purpose of a Samadhi, Oneness, Enlightenment, Nirvana, Bliss or an Expansion of Consciousness experience?:

Machu Picchu
Shaman in South or Central America
Spiritual trip to India
Spiritual trip to Bali
Spiritual trip to Egypt
Ashram retreat
Spiritual or Religious Center
Sacred Ground
Power Center
Spiritual Teacher
Religious Teacher
Taken Ayahuasca
Taken Peyote
Taken Mushrooms
Taken LSD

Often, when we wake up or have a spiritual experience, we will go out and search for something that will explain it, expand it or empower us to have that experience again. This is normal and not a sign of addiction.

However, when it takes over our life and we don’t seem to manage to generate the Bliss experience in our daily life by our own volition, but instead we go out and search endlessly for people and locations that can generate it “for us”, then yes, we can say for certain that we are a Bliss Junkie.

Sobering up…

Are you or someone you know a Bliss Junkie, and what can you do about it? If you recognize the symptoms and actions on someone you know, forward them this article. And, if you find that you are one, well, now that you know you are a Bliss Junkie, you can decide whether this is something you want to continue in your life, or drop it. If you want to continue, at least it’s now a conscious life choice and something you can see and manage in a more supportive way. If you want to stop, then carry on reading. These are a few steps you can take to sober you up:

1 – The first step in any addiction is the realization that we are an addict.

2 – The second step is the wish, desire and knowledge that we want to stop indulging in the addiction. This can’t be enforced or done for someone else. It has to be a genuine desire to drop it for our own health and welfare.

3 – Remove ourselves from other junkies who are still indulging in the addiction.

4 – Use the Fear Processing Exercise to process the addiction. Replace the word “fear”, for the word “addiction”.

5 – Take stock of your life and find five items (locations, relationships, activities or objects) that you want to make a priority in your life, focus at least an hour of focused attention on that each of those items per day. This is not to make you addicted to something else, but to create a foundation and connection to activities and items that bring you back to your true path, which the external pursuit of bliss never was. As some buddhist schools say, never seek enlightenment outside of yourself.

6 – Create a spiritual practice that is satisfying and supportive within your daily life, not external to it. This is best done by establishing a daily practice such as meditation, that you will not skip no matter what is going on in your life. There are many exercises and meditations on my site you can use to generate a daily practice for yourself. The one I use right now is the Unified Field.

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