Are You Making Ends Meet?

If you are interested in being fully supported in life, either just because you alive, or through your art, skills and dharma, then you might be interested in what has been coming up so far for me with regard the energy exchange models and flows, and how we can start tapping into higher vibrational ones right now, while the planet is still hanging on desperately to 3D life and energy exchange models.

On the one hand, we need to live and be able to function in a 3D world, but we are also aware and able to tap into the New Paradigm. Where we are able to manifest all we need.

Examining energy exchange models

My ultimate question is how do we basically transition from 3D energy exchange models to New Paradigm, models.  This is an exercise in advanced seeing. We all do advanced seeing when we have a problem, we look for solutions. We send our mind into the future to test out possible outcomes, “if I do this, then would this be the result?”, or “this is the result I want, so what do I do to get there”. That type of thing.

What I am doing in this instance, and I can’t wait to hear your input, is to look at present business models, then look at what it would look like without the “power over others” paradigm structure:

This was my thought process. I have looked at it from a business point of view, because businesses are things we all know have an energy exchange flow:

  1. Every business is created for a purpose. We don’t just pop them up for the sake of it existing. Purposes can be:
    • a. to make money: turn creative energy into material energy so we can then interchange for other material energy or creative energy (from others).
    • b. satisfy a personal desire to use our skill set or creative power (however, this doesn’t need to be a business unless we need energy or materials to carry it out – received from external sources)
    • c. to fulfill a planetary need.
  2. A business needs, by default, more than one person to exist. Most these groups have one or more people in them:
    • a. Chi – Energy – Materials
    • b. suppliers of materials or energy (they receive money from the producer to be able to supply materials)
    • c. producers of item, service,  information or skill (they receive money from the “receivers” to pay the suppliers so they can produce)
    • d. receivers or end product (they receive the end product, and send back money to the producer so the cycle starts again)


Now let’s look at it as a flow of Chi. At the moment we have money as the representative of Chi.

If the Chi stops anywhere on that previous cycle, then the natural conclusion is that the cycle stops. If the Chi flow is not equal in all sections, then we get buildups in some parts, and starvation in others (sounds familiar?). A beggar has no way to deliver 2.c, maybe through sickness, or mental capacity, or medical or physical condition. Now he is at the mercy of 2.d, without being able to provide anything tangible, in order to survive (he/she does provide some sort of energetic savior satisfaction to 2.d). At a world scale model there is a huge flow of Chi that go from the masses to the Cabal at 2.a, 2.b and 2.c. and very little comes back in return.

This list came up as I was looking at areas of life which I am looking to find insights for. These include healing, bringing up children, free energy, quantum physics, dealing with sleepers and more. Including our own physical body cycles of existence. Eating, functioning, working, and communication to our environment and others.

Let’s look at this list with a real life example. Let’s take as the model.

1. Ascension101 is created for a purpose: Delivering the message of inspiration and empowerment to the masses. A huge outflow of Chi.

2. Ascension101 requires, by default, more than one person to exist:

a. Chi – Energy – Materials: Money, equipment, staff.

b. suppliers of materials or energy (they receive money from Ascension101 to be able to supply materials): Third party delivering methods (internet, advertising), items needed to survive in the physical, workers.

c. producers of item – Inelia and the Staff at Ascension101 (receives money from the “end receivers” to pay the suppliers so they can produce).

d. end receivers or product or service You. (you receive the end product, and send back money to Ascension101 so the cycle starts again).

When we are going to create something new, say, at a personal level, me writing and publishing this article, I require several things in 2.a and 2.b. and 2.c. I require a computer, a desk, electricity, the internet, software for my computer, an internet service, staff to program and administer and support the website that you are reading it on, a house to hold all the services, the desk and me, food and water in my body to function (I’m not yet a breatherian), an accountant, customer service person, and the list goes on and on.  All these items are supplied by other human beings and they get my personal Chi in return so their cycle doesn’t stop. I send them my personal Chi in the form of money. I pay for internet, house, food, electricity, staff wages, and all the rest, with money.  The end result is this article, which you, the end receiver of the product or service (2.d), get to read.

We have also provided clean and clear methods for you to send Chi back, so that the flow doesn’t stop. Including free tools that empower you to open channels and entry points of Chi, so you can have TONS of Chi and can become an empowerer of others. Sending you power, Chi, so you can have number 2.a on your cycle, and the whole global continues and grows. Many individuals organically and naturally feel the energy exchange desire to balance the flow out and send us gifts, donate funds or buy products to send Chi back, and that’s why those who don’t, can read this article for free.

Some people do not send Chi back to us. Those people have received our time, skills, information and the Chi it took to get this article out there, at no cost to them (although it requires huge amounts of Chi to put it out there), which means that if they have acquired any benefit, information, or inspiration, and don’t send Chi back in a format we can use, they are in fact stopping the Chi flow and also creating energetic debt to the staff and to those who do send Chi back.

What would this example look like if the flow stopped? If individuals stopped sending back Chi in the form of gifts, donations or buying products at ascension101, then I would no longer be able to sit at my desk and write this article, the rest of the the staff would have to get different jobs, and there would be no website for you to read it on. And even if, while working as a highly paid communications consultant at some huge company instead, I wanted to sit down and write the article, I would not have the time nor the staff at ascension101 to put it online.  And those free tools that empower people to be able to empower others, would stop.

So, that’s one example of how we can look at any energy exchange flow and work out how the current of Chi is moving through it. If anything is out of balance, we need to address it.

You can use the same list to see how this model is working in your business or your personal life. Identify where the blocks are, the debts are and how to clear them out.

At the moment, the out of balance Chi flow at Ascension101 is that the output of final “product” is larger than the input of Chi from the end receivers of the product. This creates a buildup at the receiving end, and starvation in the previous ones. This limits our ability to get 2.a, 2.b on the list, which limits 2.c (in our case, delivering the message of empowerment to billions of people rather than millions). The question is, how do we increase the Chi entry percentage from number 2.d, so we can increase 2.a, 2.b, 2.d?  The limitations are simple programs and agreements.  Programs like “ascension information has to be free!”. this translates in “free to receive” only. At the moment, it does not translate into “free to produce or deliver” due to our present social structure. In fact, there is nothing “free” on the planet except what we all bring forth from our own imaginations.  And even spending time imagining things takes energy (food, water, a location to be safe enough to imagine things, etc.). And it is only because we at Ascension101 have at some level subscribed to those programs, that they affect us. Remove those programs and we will no longer be affected, having full input of Chi and support that gives us more than we can spend each day.

Time to hit Processing!

One of the highest vibrational number 2.c products on the planet is “inspiration”. But we rarely send money to those who inspire us. I send money to those who inspire me because inspiration is is the breath of life. It is more important to me than food and water.  The reason is that inspiration is pure Chi, Life Force. With inspiration we can move mountains, remove all obstacles and achieve whatever it is we want to achieve in life. Writing this article, for example, has inspired me to process all my subscriptions to programs that say we cannot receive Chi back from 2.d, or generate our own from 2.a! And that is myself generating 2.a 😀

When we look at 2.a, we see that there is our limit as 3D existence. Once 2.a is freely available to everyone on the planet in unlimited supply, then we can achieve anything.  The question is, how do we make 2.a unlimited? And just having the intention to find that answer, is an amazing expansion of awareness.

If you have some brainstorming ideas about this topic, I would love to hear from you. You can brainstorm with other individuals interested in the empowerment of the planet at WWMN. When we brainstorm, we create a co-creative intent to find solutions, we not only tap into our own individual sources of information and inspiration, but also tap into the global consciousness, our guides or entourage, Source, and Higher Self.

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