Are you still in Dark Games? Take this test to find out.

We are lighbeings, so why is it that sometimes we are involved in promoting Darkness and we don’t even realize it?

Mostly, the reason why a person will get involved in power over others and other negative experiences and co-creations is simply a lack of streetsmarts. Most of the lightworkers on Earth don’t know what negative programs are. Or that fear, pain, suffering, anger, frustration, jealousy, etc., are destructive and have zero positive benefits to themselves or humanity. 

Did you know, for example, that the following sayings are taught to keep you disabled and unable to express your true self?

  • Without darkness you cannot see the light.
  • Opposites attract.
  • Bad experiences and pain help you become a better person.
  • You would not be who you are today without the pain you went through (this one is kind of true, you would actually be a much more able person instead)
  • You are a victim of life’s circumstances.

Those are just five examples of programming that is so embedded in our society that most lightbeings truly believe them to be true. There are thousands of other such programs that allow the negative people and entities on Earth to push you and your loved ones into their co-creation.

The key word there was “allow”. Yup, without us allowing this to happen on Earth, it would not happen. Period.

OK, I promised a test to see both if you are still in dark games, and how to get out if you are:

  1. Do you stay loyal to someone even though they have hurt you or others?
  2. Do you have a very painful experience in your past that you believe made you who you are?
  3. Do you constantly feel worried (for yourself, the world, things, or other people?)
  4. Do you sometimes worry about what other people think or feel about you and you want them to like and/or love you?
  5. Do you enjoy negative, destructive, gossip?
  6. Do you badmouth someone when they are not in the room?
  7. Do you self-deprecate?
  8. Are you constantly arguing with other people?
  9. Do you feel angry and upset at what you see is the violation of Earth or humanity?
  10. In your opinion, are people who are subjugated or conquered victims, individuals that we need to save? 
  11. Are you stressed?
  12. Are you unable to express yourself because it upsets other people if you do?

OK, that’s the test. If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions or felt that the list is evil, wrong or negative and will guide people to the wrong place, it means you still have some ways to go to be fully empowered and aware. 

The solution? There are two solutions for this issue. One is for you to unsubscribe to my newsletter because I obviously don’t know what I’m talking about. The other is for you to be open minded enough to study my viewpoint a little further. Imagine this:

  1. You have strong, kind and loving boundaries.
  2. You no longer carry the burden of victimhood or aggression, but have released the weight of past experiences, allowing you the energy and enthusiasm you carried before it happened.
  3. There is no worry in your life, you know and trust in your and other people’s higher-self choices and can navigate life in an empowered and conscious manner.
  4. You are able to express yourself in your full light without worry or concerns.
  5. You can see and identify gossip for what it really is, and can change the subject to a supportive energy for the person being talked about.
  6. You are able to express to the person how you feel about things and don’t need others to hear it.
  7. You are able, capable, strong and aware.
  8. There is no longer a need for you to be right and make others wrong.
  9. You understand that Earth/Gaia and the Human Collective don’t make mistakes.
  10. Now you see that thinking of a person or people as a victim, disempowers them and you have the tools to help them step out of that energy instead of propagating it.
  11. You have learned and use the Stress Relief exercise and it has changed your life.
  12. You are able to express yourself to your full potential and know it supports others to see it.

If you are not already knowledgeable about my work, my website has hundreds of free articles, meditations and exercises that give you the tools for you to reduce and eliminate all of the above items and more. By eliminating the low frequency engagements and programs in your life, you will reach a state of true expression, which is the key to you stepping out of Dark Games.

That’s it.
P.S If you want more than the free stuff, we also have a store filled with classes, and a forum filled with people who want to take their studies and practice to the next level.

PPS: Here is the podcast for this episode: Are you still in dark games?

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