Are you too FAT for Spiritual Ascension?

The title of this article is not just an attention grabber. Unfortunately, if your weight makes you suffer, then being too fat will stop, or slow down, your Ascension process.  But this is something we can fix, no matter what the problem is. And the solution is not, as you might think, to lose weight. All we need to do is reconnect with our physical body.

When we first begin to reconnect with our physical body, it is very common to have a judgmental mental commentary throughout the whole procedure.  Often, the commentary is not positive.  Our aim is to be able to connect with our body, receive the information we need from it, and become One with it, without any commentary at all.

Our body is more than our Temple. It is an integral part of us. It is not a suit we wear for an unimportant lifetime, and will shed as soon when we die and therefore is unimportant.  It is in fact, our own creation. It is the physical manifestation of our Self, our Soul, our Spirit and our Divine.  It is as much part of ourselves as is our mind, our spiritual body, our ego and our emotions.  And it is the most important part of us with regards existing on the physical Earth plane. Without it, we are not able to exist here on any capacity or form.  Yes, we would be able to move around the different Earth planes without a physical body, and we do even now, but within the physical plane, and our daily lives, it is not possible to exist without the physical body.

Our physical body is not our enemy. It is not our friend either. It is our creation. And thus, it looks upon us for nourishment, protection, information and love. In return, it gives us feedback on everything we do here on Earth. It is by far the most sensitive and wise of our bodies when it comes to giving us unbiased information with regard everything we experience. It is also the perfect conduit for giving expression to our Earthly creations. It is what holds the paint brush if your are a painter, or clicks on the keyboard if you are a writer. Without it, we don’t have a physical voice, cannot take in the beauty of a sunset, or feel our lover’s warm skin.

Our physical body is our most prized possession, and the only physical expression we can really call our own.

Often hijacked by the ego, our physical body has had a rough time of it in present society. We punish it, we judge it, we starve it or over fill it, we use it for gain, or blame it for loss.

It is too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too hairy, too bald, too light, too dark, and look at those legs! And that waist! This part is too big, this one too small, if I was Native American the new age groups would take me seriously, if I was White society would take me seriously. If only this was different, then I would be able to succeed, be loved, be attractive, find my soulmate, be someone, speak my message and my message would be heard …

And the irony is that our body is our most powerful communication device. Whatever it is that we are feeling or thinking, is perfectly reflected in our body. So, for example if you have a big message to deliver, but feel you are too bald to start delivering it, guess what, when you get on that platform and start speaking, people will at first hear your message, then will start looking at your bald head and think, what kind of authority are you if you can’t even look good. And this is because under your message is the anxiety of being bald, and not being taken seriously because of it. Your body will express it by bringing attention to your bald head in various ways, your tone of voice will reflect uncertainty and your over all image will have a big and bright arrow pointing at your bald spot.

Yes, our body is our greatest communication and connection device, yet most of us are completely and utterly disconnected from it and unable to hear it shout.

Our body talks to us all the time, but we barely hear it, if at all.

But all that is about to change because the physical body is our greatest, and most important, Ascension tool.

A very simple, gentle and effective exercise you can start straight way is the following:

Say to yourself: “It is my will to reconnect with my body in a loving and healthy way.”

Repeat as often as you can for the next few weeks. (Discover more about this in my Ascension101 eCourse.)

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