Ascension 101 News July 20th, 2011

Dear Friend, has a new section where you will have access to audio interviews and past free teleconferences where I, Inelia Benz, have been invited to take part. At the writing of this newsletter, you will find access to a free teleconference hosted by Lucia Rene, and an interview by Tom and Ramon, from The Hundredth Monkey Radio.

To listen to this free material, go to:


Meet and Greets will be organized in Sacramento later on in the year, (every 2 months), where we will all be able to network and meet with like minded individuals.  This, less formal setting, will enable individuals to create connections, and learn from each others experiences.  The only “work” that I will be asking you to do, will be a half hour group, guided meditation to process both the individual as well as the collective. It will be funded on a donation basis, to cover costs of renting the location.  Cost, however, should not be a factor in joining these events, if you cannot afford to donate toward the rental, come along anyway.  More details on the format, and what you might want to bring to the event, will be sent later on in the year. If you are interested in one of these events, and what you would like to see included in them, do let me know.  You can either reply to this email, or send an email to [email protected] with the subject: Meet and Greet.


Coming events:

Free Teleseminar Saturday August 13th, 12 noon PDT, 3 pm EDT, 19:00 GMT

I will be joining Author and Mystic Lucia Rene on her free teleconference,  to discuss a methodology for changing timelines.  We will do practice exercises with personal timelines and ask Spirit, as a group, to facilitate a change of timelines for the collective.  Public calls run 1.5 hours. At the conclusion of the call–sometime between 1:30 and 2:00 PDT– Lucia will transmit the Ancient Templates of Wisdom to those who have not yet received them.

If you are not familiar with Lucia Rene’s work, or the Ancient Templates of Wisdom, please visit her website, before the call, at:

This event is over.


I hope you are having a fantastic summer!


Inelia Benz



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