Ascension 101 News – November 12th 2011

Dear Visitor,


  • The end of October saw three great interview which are now available in the new section of the site labeled “Interviews”.
    One was with James Gilliland from ECETI Ranch.  The second was with Rick Archer, of Buddha at the Gas Pump.  And, if you speak Spanish, the third interview is with Fabio Roa who has lots of information in Spanish in his youtube channel.
  • The summary from the Grass Valley Meet and Greet Gathering (Oct 23rd 2011) can be found here: Summary.
  • Even though it was such short notice, we had a great teleconference on the 1st of November with more than 700 individuals joining Loreto Alonso-Alegre and myself in Spanish and English gatherings. The English and Spanish meditations from the gatherings, Cleaning the Collective, are here: would like to ask you to do the Cleaning the Collective Meditation at least once, and, if you can, on a regular basis for the next few weeks. As we cross space/time in joining this meditation, it becomes bigger and stronger. Thank you!


Ascension Course

The Ascension101 Course is available in French, thanks to the fantastic work of Louis and his team from

The French course is available from the La Presse Galactique page, as well as from

November is marked to be an interesting month, in that we are recording the Ascension101 Course in Spanish, and hope to have it released by the end of the month.  This is thanks to the great help of Jorge Contreras, who did the translation, and Carla Lopez who proofread it.  Without their help, this translation would not have been possible.


Brand New Offering

This month of November has also seen the birth of a new offering for women: Beyond Mysticism

I have joined in collaboration with Lucia René, Mary MacNab and Victoria More, to push the boundaries in an area of study which is one of my personal interests:  Mysticism.

Lucia and I have been working together behind the scenes since July 2010.  She is a kick-ass Mystic, and author of Unplugging the Patriarchy; Mary and Victoria are the real Mystics behind two main characters in the book.

Although the course itself is open to women only, all conferences and information will be available to both men and women at the end of each month for study.

The goal of Beyond Mysticism is two-fold:  1) for those with little or no mystical training at the onset of the course, it is to provide a well-rounded mystical education via association with seasoned mystics, and 2) for those with significant experience as mystics, it is to push the mystical envelope.

The concept of pushing the mystical envelope involves:

  • Using the fast-paced energies of 2012 to bring as much esoteric, long-hidden mystical knowledge to the surface of consciousness as possible, making it more readily accessible, on a subtle level, to the collective consciousness
  • Learning to create and shape our own realities
  • Leaning to manifest or call forth into form
  • Assimilating stellar knowledge that is raining down on Earth as her quarantine grid is dismantled
  • Learning how to ground universal light streams into this reality and how to use them
  • Modeling advanced female collaboration for the collective

Applications are being accepted until the 22nd of November. For more information, and to email any questions about the course, go to



Thank you for your support and for all that you are doing for the Human Collective!


Inelia Benz

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