Ascension and Death

Death is painful for those of us left behind.

A person facing death can be in various states from extreme terror to ecstasy. But at the end of the day, our witnessing their state is going to end soon. For us, however, it is felt as a great and painful loss.

The pain of the loss can be so big we take years to get over it, if ever.

Often, and particularly with those we were very close to, we have a sense of continuity, we can feel the person’s energy around us even after their body is gone. But it is simply not the same. We cannot touch them, hear them, share with them, hug or kiss them. All their items, their property, is now left behind and no longer have any meaning, except perhaps the residual energy from the person.

Death is such a loss in our society that we don’t talk about it, we don’t look at it, we don’t even have the opportunity to process it with friends and relatives because they are also too busy repressing the pain of loss they feel themselves.

So how come death is such an important part of Ascension? Well, it is inevitable that we will die and it is inevitable that everyone we know and love will also die. Who goes first? No one knows.

Once in the state of Ascension, you will not suffer because of your own death. You will embrace it with as much gusto as you do life; seeing it as another adventure, an adventure as exciting as each day is in living.

You will, however, feel the pain of others dying. It is very likely that you will soon regain contact with those people who have passed away, unless they were in a very dark space when they died. The latter take longer to be aware enough to be able to contact the living.

Can someone Ascend after death?

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