Ascension and the Body

You have probably heard a lot of information about the importance of detoxing the body before attempting an ascension session.

This is both right and wrong.

On the one hand, your body will be able to handle the ascension whether you detox or not. On the other, if you are not physically prepared, you will get very sick.

The physical effects of doing ascension work without the detoxification of the body are not serious, but they are unpleasant. It’s possible you will be nauseous, vomiting and with diarrhea for 3 days.

So, it’s best to prepare the body 🙂

This is actually quite easy. Lower the intake of sugar, caffeine, meats, and all processed foods. Eat fresh, raw vegetables and fruits as much as you can, lots of water and other healthy drinks.

If possible make the food yourself using organic products.

If you smoke and or drink, try to cut them out for 24 hours previous to the exercise. I understand that smoking is problematic, and with this, cut down as much as possible if you can’t go without for 24 hours.

Don’t take any street drugs for at least a week (do try to stop taking them altogether and forever) and only take pharmaceuticals if your life and health depend on them. With regard antidepressants and other mind altering pharmaceuticals, don’t stop taking them unless your doctor has given you the OK. With all medicines, ask your doctor for advice on whether you can or cannot stop taking them. There is no reason why you cannot start your ascension work while on meds but it is advisable that you search for and educate yourself on alternative medicines such as homeopathy, herbs etc.. Don’t self medicate.

I am not trying to make you think that if you do have to take medications the way will be as easy as someone who doesn’t. This is not the case. However, all barriers to ascension are illusion. You are already in that space, you just have to tap into it.

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