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It’s time… Join me for a special complimentary, interactive interview at Beyond the Ordinary Show with host John Burgos. John contacted me a few months ago with a request for me to join him in his show. After meeting with him online, I feel his energy and site are a great compliment to the amazing journey we find ourselves in today. The journey to embody the New Paradigm.
As you know, my entire focus is to assist you in your personal empowerment and expansion of awareness. This year, I am interested in working with those individuals who are fully committed to embodying the New Paradigm in their bodies and their lives. That’s why I would love for you to partake in this free offering.
The beautiful part of the changes that we are experiencing is that it doesn’t have to be a long, arduous process. And we don’t have to do it alone. There’s new information, access to multidimensional tools and assistance, that when applied correctly will make this chosen transition easy.
I want you to be my VIP guest when I join John Burgos on Beyond The Ordinary Show to share all this and more.
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The broadcast will be on April 5th at 5pm PT, 2017.
Are you ready for the gift of transformation that is being offered?
Are you ready to embody your New Paradigm?
Do you want to find out how to step into 2017 and beyond embodying your highest potential?
The time has come! Get ready for the information I’m planning on sharing that, when used consciously, has the power to transform your life in powerful and effective ways.
I look forward to 'seeing' you on the call!
In JoyLightLove,
 –  Inelia Benz

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