Be Kind, Loving and Have Strong Boundaries

OK, let’s face it. We are lightworkers and we do not like hurting people’s feelings. 



But, did you know that this has been used to lower ours and the planet’s frequency for thousands of years?

That’s a pretty big statement, so let’s unpack it a little bit. But before we do that, know that this article is about abuse that is not deeply damaging at a physical or psychological level. We are talking about conversations, actions and reactions that are not putting you or others in danger. If you or others are in serious danger, call the police, seek help.

Having healthy boundaries with people who repeatedly invite you to low-frequency engagements is directly connected with our expansion of awareness and the raising of the frequency on what we know of as Earth.

By putting up with the negative actions of others, giving them excuses, we are being complicit in the progressive hammering of negativity in our lives and the lives of people on our planet.

There are various reasons lightworkers are taught to allow this negativity to expand and also create it and feed it. And these teachings catch because light-beings inherently know that suffering and the hurting of others is unnatural and wrong. Therefore, whomever is doing it must have a good reason for it. A few of these reasons are:

  • Human nature is to hurt others and/or themselves.
  • The person suffered so much as a child that they repeat the same bad patterns.
  • Addicts are sick and cannot help themselves.
  • Love cures everything, the more we love the abuser, the faster they will stop hurting others.
  • It’s better to put up with the abuse than to never see the loved one again. At least this way the lightworker can keep an eye on the person and if they get into real trouble, they are there to help.
  • The lightworker does not want to be perceived as a cruel person who doesn’t understand or lacks compassion.
  • “Forgive them for they know not what they do”.
  • They are here teaching me lessons I need to learn.
  • The most growth comes from shadow work.

If you read the above and know that all of these reasons to put up with someone abusing you or others are low frequency programs that need to be released, then, well done!  You are 100% correct.  

If you, like the majority of lightworkers on Earth, came in from a light only existence, it is very likely that you carry one or more of those programs with you, believing they were high-frequency and compassionate programs.

But here is the thing, if we let another person hurt us or others by giving them excuses justifying why they did it, and believing them when they promise they won’t do it again for the tenth time, we are being complicit in multiplying their own pain. Many abusers, because they are light beings although not working for the light, incur a huge debt of pain, guilt and shame when they hurt another person. Eventually, they will orchestrate a suitable punishment for themselves for the pain they gave you or others.

In other words, the more you let another person’s abuse slide, the higher their payment will be.

Also, if you refer back to the Possessions And How to Protect Yourself class, you will also now know that often all these negative invitations are not from the light-being themselves, but from a malicious-rider who they consciously or subconsciously let in. You are not doing us or them any favors by feeding those malicious-riders. 

The best and most compassionate thing you can do for that person, and the planet,  is to stop allowing the hurt and abuse to happen. You can do this in a loving and compassionate way, but you have to be strict and not let anything slide.

Often when we do this, the person is able to learn new patterns of behavior in their interactions with you. Oftentimes, they take their abuse elsewhere as it turns out you are not worth sticking around with if you won’t play and add to their low frequency games of victim or aggressor.

But what about you? It does hurt to create a healthy boundary sometimes. We love these people and want them around us. But we need to look at this from the perspective of an eternal divine being. 

A healthy boundary does not always mean that you cannot have a loving relationship with the abuser, It means that you do not respond in kind or in a way they want to manipulate you to act. Learn to respond and interact from your level of frequency instead, not theirs. And if they become more abusive when you do not comply or give them excuses for their low frequency actions, continue putting those healthy boundaries in place, and act from your personal frequency.

Sometimes the abuser decides to stop contacting you or having anything to do with you when the boundaries go up. But more often than not, they do turn their interaction around and learn that they have a place where they can have a natural high-frequency experience. Sometimes it is the first time they can explore their true frequency.

Let’s stick to our frequency, this gives permission for others to join us there. Imagine a world where everyone we interact with knows this and agrees with it. Yup, that’s the New Paradigm, which is what we came here to embody and create.



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