Book Club and First Draft Reveal

I hope you have had a chance to reviewing my 2020 update on youtube.

In it, I talked about an online Book Club where we are presently discussing my novel “Interview With An Angel”.  We have had our first weekly discussion of the book and we covered the first chapter on Friday 10th January 2020. The discussion was recorded and it is presently accessible to subscribers on my forum. I have to say that this week’s discussion was the most expansive, deep and emotional I have had the joy of participating in, ever. 

What I forgot to mention in my 2020 update video is that I am also presently writing the second book in The Return Series. As I have done before with other books, I am releasing the first draft of each chapter as they come, also on my forum.

This is a never-seen, never-read, never-revealed book in its first draft version directly from me, the author. So, if you want to be privy to what is happening in the lives of Cecilia, Anin, Francisco, Roberto, Maria, Susie, Shylar and Lorcain, you know where to go 🙂

One thing I want to remind you of is that our presence on Earth at this time, together, is very limited. Limited to the span of a lifetime. As human beings, we are limited to an average lifespan of 72 years or so on Earth. I am close to 54 years old which means that there is a strong chance I will only be available to share the planet with you for another 18 years.  Not many years if you think about it. Once you remove the time I spend sleeping, writing, and having a personal life, the time I have to share with you and the rest of the planet is very small. Within that shared time, I have decided to spend a great portion of it to expand on and discuss fascinating topics, tools and insights that are interesting to both you and me in a safe and high frequency private platform.

Use it.

Use it while I am still here and available for you to access. Use it while I am still alive. 

You are reading my newsletters because you felt a match in our frequencies. You knew what I was saying made sense, maybe I helped with your empowerment, maybe the information I shared changed your life. Maybe what I say is just interesting. Whatever the reason, don’t lose this opportunity to meet me and access the next level of rich and deep discussion and insights I am able and capable of sharing with you.

This is a deeply felt invitation to you to step out into the world and join a high-frequency co-created group. And yes, I know there are tons of excellent and high-frequency groups out there, but none of them have me in it 😉

See you on

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