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In December last year I noticed that there was interest building about one of my first books which was out of print. The book is called “Are You a Witch?“I was working on the second edition at the time, making sure it was still current as well as fixing some typos and formatting issues. As I edited the new version, I considered changing the book title to something more generic and less “witchy”.

I wondered, how many people would be put off or not be interested if I kept the original title “Are You a Witch?”. Time to see if the perception of “the witch” had changed since 2003 when I published the first edition. That was more than a decade ago…

To find out, I sent the title and idea out to my team and some close associates. The result, the perception of what a witch is, has changed somewhat… but not as much as I had expected.

I did wonder if the perception of the book would be different if I had changed the title to “Discover the Magic within You” or something like that, which is a big part of the content of the book.

What I found out is that no, the perception of what a witch is has not changed very much at all. So, I kept the title and the content unchanged as it is even more relevant today as more and more people are awakening to their inner capacities and abilities.”Witch” is just a label that is used or misused in many ways. I go in greater detail in the book as to what the history is, why some people reject it while other embrace it. But the underlying theme in the book is the power of creation that we all have within us. And in some cases we do not use it, or are afraid of it because we don’t want to be labeled witches or be told that “we do the work of the devil” over simple things, like knowing who is on the other side of the phone when it rings.

Exploring this book is an inner journey. I hope it will help you uncover your potential, your gifts… whatever they may be, and to guide you into accepting yourself and your inner power. To guide you into your own authority.

There is a related article that I wrote in 2015: “Language as a tool of enslavement” Our words, and the meaning we give to them can empower us or enslave us. It is no coincidence, for example, that the word “spell” is being used both in grammar and in magick. Food for thought…

I invite you to check to see if your definitions, your inner labels are supporting or disabling you. Discover what others have attached to those labels and decide to make a conscious choice about what is useful for you and what is not. You may discover that you are not a witch, and instead you’d rather describe yourself as a conscious creator, or a sorcerer, or a parent. You may even make up your own definitions. Use the tool of language to your benefit. Bring any confusion or misunderstanding you might have picked up from our upbringing out of your unconsciousness and shine your light on it, look at it, see what it is or what it can be!

So are you ready to explore if you are witch? Ready to discover the magic within you? Ready to explore what paths are open for you?

Get the book!

In JoyLightLove,

– Inelia and the team.

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