CALL TO ACTION – I do NOT consent to chemtrails.

Dear Visitor,

For over a week now, in Sacramento, the chemtrail spraying has been worse than ever before. There is not one piece of sky that is not covered with a chemtrail at all times, day and night. A friend who is presently driving through California, has just told me that it is the same EVERYWHERE. She takes this drive on a regular basis, and has never seen it so bad.

I woke up three days ago with a huge migraine, my body letting me know there is something seriously wrong. As you might now, I used to get migraines all the time, but by drinking distilled water every day, I was able to put a stop to them, and lower back pain too.

However, this time, and after over a year, the migraine is back. My body feels toxic.

And, when I joined the dots, I was able to get a clear “yes” from my body as to the origin of the toxicity. Chemtrails.

My car is quite dark in color, and every day now, parked outside, it is covered in white powder. I have not had it analyzed, as hundreds of other individuals have done so already, and the results are clear. Barium, aluminum, and more toxic chemicals designed to make us “heavy” and not able to absorb the new light from the sun, among other things.

It has never been so bad in Sacramento.

Now, as you know, I DO NOT give you bad news without providing you with a workable solution, so here it is:

  • Process any anger, fear, frustration of hopelessness around chemtrails. (Use the text from the fear processing exercise page, and change the words according to the feeling)
  • Once your energy is in a place of power, and not disempowerment or emotional disbalance, clearly state in a clear voice, that you DO NOT CONSENT to chemtrails. Or any other type of lowering vibration or polluting of Earth and our bodies.
    Make this statement, write it, send it to all your friends, post it on FB, twitter, and every other social media network you belong to. Let the world know that you do NOT CONSENT to chemtrails.
  • One more action you can take today, is to read and join this social movement: (no longer available)
  • Another action you can take is to forward this email to everyone you know.
  • Start drinking distilled water, it does help! By increasing the amount I was drinking, I was able to lower the migraine  pain to manageable amounts. And also research and carry out a weekly detox for your physical body.

Yours in ACTION,

Inelia Benz

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