Can’t make it so Sacramento? Join in the Intentional Retreat

As you know on November 16th and 17th, Inelia will do her Gateway To Oneness retreat in Sacramento.

Due to many requests, Inelia has created a meditation, and a PDF package that will allow people to join the event from their own home either alone or with a group of people.  This can be done from any location, and ANY time. The field outside time space, and you can become part of it today, tomorrow, or any other time. It IS that powerful.

Please find how you can join in the Inentional Retreat here.

Testimonial: “A powerful meditation.  I felt like I could get 75 questions answered in less than a linear second (very much like a download). anything focused on question had answer forming as question was building.  Most questions didn’t require that they fully form, as the answer built in knowing simultaneously.” Larry Buzzell

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