Non Duality and Oneness

What is the difference between “non duality” and “oneness“? These two terms are very often used interchangeably. However, they are not at all the same. Non duality actually means “not two”. Oneness means “One” To be “not two” means that the person has reached a level of awareness where they are no longer split into … Read more

Ascension and Death

Death is painful for those of us left behind. A person facing death can be in various states from extreme terror to ecstasy. But at the end of the day, our witnessing their state is going to end soon. For us, however, it is felt as a great and painful loss. The pain of the … Read more

Ascension and Groups

It was Jesus that was reported to have said something in the nature of “For where two or three are come together in my name, there am I among them.” This sentence promotes a 3D group. A savior is needed, or a deity or person to focus one’s love to, rather than existing as each … Read more

Saving the Earth – Saving Humans

There is a distinct preoccupation with saving the planet, humans and animals on Earth. When we are born here, we are instantly responsible for our environment, which is after all part of us. This is not the saving I am talking about. People suffer. Other people want to stop people suffering. They want to stop … Read more

Suffering and Ascension

Suffering and pain is part of being human. Pain will happen with injuries and loss. These can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Suffering is the attachment to that pain. As a human being we have lived many lives and had suffered every kind of injury, death and loss that is possible here on Earth. … Read more

The Permanency of Ascension

I have been asked by various individuals whether after going into an ascended state, experiencing it, will they come back to their previous state or whether they will be able to live their entire lives in that ascended state. There is no set rule to this. One person can stay in their ascended state for … Read more

What is Ascension and What is Oneness


Ascension: movement in an upward direction. But unlike a movement up in a hierarchical sense, it is much more like one of two musical notes, one with a higher pitch than the other. Neither note is superior in any way to the other. They simply sound different. Oneness: The state on non division. Perception of … Read more

Gaia – apocalypse – 2012

I recently heard a person say that Gaia doesn’t give a shit about us humans. That Gaia will continue to exist whether we are here or not. That it will transform regardless of whether that transformation will support human life or not. Well, Gaia is an integral part of you as a human being. It … Read more

Carnal Pleasures and the Ascension Process – Sex and Enlightenment

When we think of carnal pleasures, or pleasures of the flesh, the first thing we think about is sex. Of course there are other pleasures of the flesh, such as eating, drinking, enjoying nature, music, art, conversation… all the pleasures we gain from our physical senses, our body and our mind. Carnal pleasures are not … Read more

What does the process of Ascension involve?

This very much depends on where you are starting from. Sometimes the journey is easier for someone who has not been on a spiritual or mystical path than those who have. The reason is that inevitably, those who are in a mystical path usually will have modalities they are attached to, might be seduced by … Read more

The Ego and Ascension

Many spiritual and psychological modalities will demonize the ego. Don’t. The ego is a necessary “body” we need to wear in order to live in and survive in the world. It can get out of hand and is the main brake on one’s ascension process. Yet it is necessary. We can easily identify the ego … Read more