Feeling Offended, the Skunk of Ascension.

Years ago, I read somewhere that if something someone says, offends you, it is because there is some truth in it.  Otherwise, this piece of wisdom explained, it would go past you completely.  If anything, it might be comical. Well, I chewed on this for a while and it simply did not taste right.  After … Read more

Shifting Dimensions

There’s a lot of talk about the Earth and humanity going to the 4th Dimension, or skipping the 4th Dimension and going straight to the 5th Dimension, or about beings from the 9th Dimension channeling information for us to use on our shift to another, higher, dimension.  So what does this mean exactly? What it … Read more

To Eat Meat, or Not to Eat Meat, that is the question.

Extracted and edited for general release from the Spiritual Ascension 101 Course There is a lot of feelings, judgment and attachment to the views of eating meat and also not eating meat in our daily diet.  These are based on medical considerations, moral considerations, religious and spiritual considerations.  What we are concerned with, while doing … Read more

Are you too FAT for Spiritual Ascension?

The title of this article is not just an attention grabber. Unfortunately, if your weight makes you suffer, then being too fat will stop, or slow down, your Ascension process.  But this is something we can fix, no matter what the problem is. And the solution is not, as you might think, to lose weight. … Read more

Detoxifying your Physical Body – is it Necessary?

Extracted and edited for general release from the Spiritual Ascension 101 Course Is it necessary to go on a detox diet? Well, not really.  You can work on your ascension without detoxifying your body and while consuming large quantities food toxins, drugs and alcohol.  But your progress will be minimal and very, very slow.  Also, … Read more

Reconnecting – Tuning into the Flow

When things work out smoothly and effortlessly, we often call it being in the Flow. Or in the Zone.  This happens when we are connected to the activity, situation or place we are at.  If we have time for everything, and arrive to places at the right time, we are connected to time. If we … Read more

Setting Goals and Ascension

The setting of goals while working on our spiritual ascension is very important.  The whole thing about the art of manifestation, including the manifestation of our own ascension, is knowing where we are going. Or having a pretty good idea.  And… knowing where we are going is usually the hardest thing to find out. I … Read more

Natural Disasters, Armageddon, 2012, HAARP, Conspiracy and Ascension

One of the highest ever recorded earthquake on Earth was in Chile in 1960, at 9.5 on the Richter Magnitude Scale, that earthquake, and the tsunami that followed it, literally wiped out an entire city in the South of Chile.  Today, February 2010, another earthquake hit Chile, this time at 8.8 on the Richter scale, … Read more

When bad things happen. Is it our “fault”?

We have all gone through hardship in our lives. Sometimes it has been so bad that it may seem unbearable. The last thing we need to hear is that it somehow is our “fault” through “karma”.  Also, the fact that in Oneness there is no judgment, is often translated by someone that they can witness … Read more

Why do we get sick?

Note: this is NOT medical advice. For medical advice go to your doctor. When we get sick during our ascension work, and I mean actively working on our Spiritual Growth, sickness is always a red flag.  It is caused by a block of energy in one of our bodies.  Our bodies are the physical body, … Read more