The Lemurian Connection

I have been contacted by different people, groups and collectives throughout my life. Some of them are human, some are not. One thing to remember is that we all have a right to CHOOSE the nature of communication we have with others. Whether others are other humans, organizations, or other species. We choose whether to … Read more

The Power of Sex

power of sex

During my preparatory work for the Sex, Love and Soul-Mates in the New Paradigm Talks I remembered something that happened in the early 1990s. While I was in college, at Dublin City University, I was at a lecture being given by a world leader in sociolinguistics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Sociolinguistics is the descriptive … Read more

Impeccable Intention and our Capacity to Manifest

Manifestation of our “wishes” is becoming more and more instant.  The choreography of Universal support to our desired outcomes is more powerful every day. Younger children, teenagers, and young adults, seem to be able to manifest much faster than we did at their age, or, in many cases, us now. That’s because they don’t have … Read more

Letter from my Brother – Darkness Released

I received this letter from my brother Alex this morning. It is very personal, and at the same time, very relevant to us all. It is a real life example of how we stop creating Light/Dark Duality and move to creating a Light/Love duality. He said I could share it with you, even though he … Read more

What? 2013? Whatever next…

My position on December 2012 was never popular, and I got a lot flack for it. “I’m going to buy popcorn and watch the proceedings” “I’ll be Christmas shopping” “Nothing is going to happen” “We still have a possibility of dramatic change, but Gaia doesn’t want it, nor does the collective” To tell you the … Read more

Power – Rules of Engagement

Abstract from Rules Of Engagement – Entering the New Paradigm “Power”, even the word “power” has a lot of emotional and ego charge in it, the word as well as the concept. The entire paradigm we are moving out of is based on Power Over Others.  The society we carved out is based on power … Read more