The Shamanshack

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This month, we found another piece of property in the Reservation that is not restricted to be owned by a tribal member only. We can purchase it. It is nearly 20 acres in size, has a water front, and is magical. The plan now is to acquire both properties. The one in middle of the … Read more

The Elemental Shamans

One of the topics I will be discussing at my Gathering at the Beginning of the World event in December 2015 are the Elemental Shamans. Introduction to the Elemental Shamans.
 In July 2015 Larry (my fiance) and I went on a hike with our dog Missy, my son Brett (age 9), and Larry’s niece and … Read more

Sometimes I lose my patience…


WARNING! The next four paragraphs are filled with what is going on in the alternative and main media outlets… but bear with me, it will all become very clear from the fifth paragraph onward: The past month, or three, has seen a flurry of end of the world predictions, with their accompanying saviors.  Apparently we … Read more

Allan Silberhartz and Heaven on Earth

I have had a feeling the last few days. Not exactly a visit, but certainly a sense that a person I knew and respected is well and happy, and reconnected with his essence… more like realized what it was he had been doing and who he is. This is interesting because he only now feels … Read more

Who Exactly Controls Your Manifestations?

In 2006 something radical changed in the human collective consciousness. This radical thing was that the word, and concept, of “manifestation” became known and “normal” in Western culture. The reason was the book and movie “The Secret”, by Rhonda Byrne, which became an overnight sensation. Millions of people started doing the “manifestation exercises” described in … Read more

Is the Path of the Shaman Calling You? – Machi

On our planet, we are indeed one collective consciousness. Every single species is conscious and joined with other consciousness around us. But for us, humans, this larger existence is “invisible”, or “unreachable” most of the time. There are some amazing singular beings and also amazing collective beings (in every single flavor) on this planet. And … Read more

When You Wake up…

For most of us waking up in a world that is still asleep is a very harsh and difficult experience. Having not fully gone to sleep in the first place, the realization that everyone around you is fast asleep can sometimes take years if not decades. And in between, there is this feeling, knowing, that … Read more

Have you been thinking of dying?

Normally I get one or two suicide notes every few months through my internet pages or social networks.  The past two months not only have those gone up, but also messages telling me of friends and relatives, or acquaintances, of the individuals who write to me suddenly dying or committing suicide. What’s interesting about the … Read more

Project, Joy or Duty? Let’s take a closer look at relationships

Our human species is all about relationships. What are these relationships? The relationship we personally have with ourselves, the one we have with our environment, and the relationships we have with every single person who touches our life. Some of those relationships are nurturing. The nurturing relationships positively influence us, put us in a state … Read more

Not all Greys are Created Equal

In my newest novel “Interview with a Psychic Assassin”, I explored the nature of Greys. In it, I mentioned some thoughts about Greys, what they do, their technology, and where they might come from. The discussion, in the novel, went on for about two pages and explored the main character’s experience with Greys during her … Read more

Let’s help fix Inelia’s boat home!

In my life, I haven’t really “asked for support” for a personal project. The support I request is usually for a collective need, such as the Global Ascension Center, or Ascension101. But for personal support, there was never an opportunity for me to actively ask for support. When I heard how much money it will … Read more