Where do you fit in?

A few months ago I announced that the human collective’s high vibrational frequency awareness, consciousness and mind had “switched on” and become available to us. I encouraged everyone to feel into that high frequency collective awareness field, consciously join it and consciously become an active participant in it. Since then, the information and “knowing” that … Read more

Post Event and Ego Crash Symptoms

I’d like to share with you some information about two phenomena that can happen when you go to a retreat or event. They are called “Post Event/Retreat Crash” and “Ego Crash”.  These phenomena do not happen to everyone, but they are very common. Post Event Crash Symptoms Many individuals will have an energetic, emotional, mental … Read more

I am SO DONE with all this BS…

Yup, this article’s title is designed to bring you here if you have been getting angry or/and have come to the end of your rope with regard the chosen games our human collective has been experiencing in your lifetime. You might have arrived here wondering why I am super angry all of a sudden. Or … Read more

Did the chicken scratches get you?

Chicken scratches? What on Earth is that, you might ask. When we are actively embodying the highest vibrational frequency of who we are, life, people and situations will try to pull us back to low frequency co-creations. This happens because we have been playing low frequency games for thousands of years as a species and … Read more

Join Me at WWMN

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What on earth is WWMN? Well… let me tell you. WWMN stands for Walk With Me Now, our private and personal empowerment platform. It was born from hearing the strong call for joining and connecting with other individuals who carry a high frequency vibrational core essence and an empowerment intent for themselves and for our … Read more

Honor the Awakened Being in Your Body

In some countries, an awakened person is honored, loved and supported. Not many awakened individuals have experienced this in the West. It is time to do it. Let’s start with ourselves and allow it to reflect in our life. Let’s extend it to those who are awake around us, the ones who are journeying with … Read more

Are you too lazy for empowerment?

Couch Potato

If you have been on the road to empowerment or enlightenment for any period of time, you will have heard, “meditate every day” at some point.  Also, many teachers, speakers and gurus will tell you to do certain exercises every day which will guarantee growth, awareness, empowerment and enlightenment. You buy the book and read … Read more

Want some great insights? Watch this conversation!

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a link to a gentleman whom I was told was teaching the same things I was.  Whenever I get sent links, I scan the link before I open it.  Sometimes I get a “no” and sometimes I get a “yes”.  This time, I got a “yes”, so … Read more

Healing the Hurt

If you watched my Look at 2017 video, you will be familiar with the three aspects we will be facing in 2017. These three aspects are, Healing the Hurt, Commitment and Unification. Today I want to address Healing the Hurt. I want to address what it means to actively heal the hurt we have in … Read more