Is this about You?

At, I give a weekly exercise that all participants can do. Sometimes, I like to share the exercise with the larger public (you) as it feels to me that it can make a huge difference to the world and your life if you do the exercise too. This week, the exercise is very powerful, … Read more

Are you worried about retirement?

I want to share my experience with money. I first shared this story at my discussion forum The conversation was about what to do about retirement: do we plan for it and get it covered, or do we do nothing at all? In response, I shared my personal relationship with money and my thoughts … Read more

How are You controlled by the Hive Mind

During February (2019), I sent the following email to my students at I send a different exercise each week as part of the bonuses for being part of the Empowerment Platform. This particular email is packed full of information which I want you to explore too. And, if you feel as strongly as I … Read more

Are You Doing the Timeline Wobble?

Timeline wobble

We are going through a big timeline wobble at the moment, so don’t worry about not knowing where you put your car keys! You probably don’t have a car harharhar Don’t worry if you lose things, find yourself wearing different clothes to the ones you put on, having people’s phone numbers not exist for an … Read more

Shamanshack Update – January 2018

The Shamanshack

In August and September 2017, we had some amazing retreats at the Shamanshack. The topics covered, the explorations and the participant connection was out of this world amazing. After the events were over, I clearly heard a request for us to stay at the Shamanshack and “ground” our energies there. But, we live at Neah … Read more