The Lemurian Connection with Inelia Benz

As you can read in this previous article, Inelia has been contacted repeatedly over the last few years with requests to communicate and collaborate with the Lemurians. AWAKEN Academy is hosting this FREE call. In this call she shares the information she has regarding the Lemurians and how we can collaborate with them to help … Read more

Every Wednesday at 8:30am PST

You are invited to join intention with Inelia, and thousands of other individuals, for one hour every Wednesday morning. Find somewhere quiet, and Meditate, Daydream or Do Nothing for 60 minutes. You can join a the same time/space (Weds 8:30 PST), or any other time, placing your intention to meet outside of time/space. You are … Read more

Free to Access Q&A Fundraiser with Inelia Benz

Don't forget to register for our Newsletter to receive news of new Events. Come join us at our second Q&A Fundraiser with Inelia Benz, this Sunday, March 18th 2012 at 10:00am Pacific. These fundraisers are dedicated to raise funds for the first ever Global Ascension Center. This second event will be free to join as … Read more

Q&A with Inelia Benz Teleconference Fundraiser

Don't forget to register for our Newsletter to receive news of new Events. This event is over. You are cordially invited to attend the first online Teleconference Q&A session with Inelia Benz. Funds form this fundraiser will go toward the establishment of the first Global Ascension Center in Northern California, USA. It will last for … Read more