Make your ordinary life Your Sacred Life

Hello Visitor, Make your ordinary life the sacred life. Make your work become your spiritual growth.At the end of this email there is a class where I explore this in greater depth, but before that lets talk a bit about mystical power. Mystical power is something that we all have and use. In fact we … Read the full article

Relationships… Your needs and the needs of the Other…

Hello Visitor, What has been in my attention field lately are relationships. From relationships with your significant other, to friendships, coworkers, children and parents. There are some misconceptions that we carry around when it comes to our needs in a relationship. In last month’s live conference at WalkWithMeNow, we looked at just that and I … Read the full article

Who & What Are You Forming Moment to Moment?

Dear Visitor, Note: This is a class that Inelia previously offered at “A.W.A.K.E.N Academy”. Becoming a Conscious Creator of Self & Environment One of the most radical scientific discoveries of the recent future is that we can literally change our DNA with our words. Coming close to this radical discovery is the conclusion by various scientific … Read the full article