Letter from my Brother – Darkness Released

Dear Visitor, I received this letter from my brother Alex this morning. It is very personal, and at the same time, very relevant to us all. It is a real life example of how we stop creating Light/Dark Duality and move to creating a Light/Love duality. He said I could share it with you, even … Read more

What? 2013? Whatever next…

Dear Visitor, My position on December 2012 was never popular, and I got a lot flack for it. “I’m going to buy popcorn and watch the proceedings” “I’ll be Christmas shopping” “Nothing is going to happen” “We still have a possibility of dramatic change, but Gaia doesn’t want it, nor does the collective” To tell … Read more

Human Operating System Followup!

Dear Visitor, Firstly, I would like to thank you for participating, and forwarding, the information on last Saturday’s Call to Action: http://www.ascension101.com/en/home/ascension-blog/67-october-2012/277-call-to-action-change-of-human-collective-operating-sytem.html The response was extraordinary. The page itself has already been shared on FB over 3000 times. And people from just about every country in the planet joined in to partake in the download, … Read more

CALL TO ACTION – Change of Human Collective Operating Sytem

Original Informatoon published online here, with translated links and updates: http://www.ascension101.com/en/home/ascension-blog/67-october-2012/277-call-to-action-change-of-human-collective-operating-sytem.html Dear Visitor, I am presently in Spain, where I will be attending two events.  One event is in Barcelona, on the 13th of October 2012, and the second event is in Madrid on the 20th of October. And, the information I will be sharing … Read more

Western Woman – Why she is the Key to the Shift

Awakened Western Women are the Key.  This is a sentence I have heard over and over again in the past few months, although different words and descriptions have been used. Many male spiritual leaders have spoken it, as well as many female spiritual leaders. But what does it mean? If you are reading this article … Read more

Event Invitation – Your Ascension and the New Matrix

Dear Visitor I am very excited to join with you in this awesome exploration of what is possible in the New Matrix. Nalini and I, Inelia Benz, will be exploring the openings, possibilities and awareness that are already available for us the New Matrix. We will start with an exploration of the pool of formlessness, … Read more

Ascension 101 News – November 12th 2011

Dear Visitor, October/November The end of October saw three great interview which are now available in the new section of the www.ascension101.com site labeled “Interviews”. One was with James Gilliland from ECETI Ranch.  The second was with Rick Archer, of Buddha at the Gas Pump.  And, if you speak Spanish, the third interview is with … Read more

Call to Action – Collective Timeline

Dear Visitor, Earlier this month, August 2011,  we carried out an exercise for the Collective Timeline. This exercise is very simple and only a few minutes long, please join in its energy and spirit by doing the exercise yourself and also sharing it with your contacts. You can find the Collective Timeline Exercise on youtube … Read more

Ascension 101 News – August 12th 2011

Dear Friend, I, Inelia Benz, am willing to collaborate with any species or peoples who want to raise the level of vibration of the planet and the joint collective. The next question is, “how do we collaborate with each other?” My personal answer to that question is: 1) We work on raising our personal vibration … Read more

Ascension 101 News July 20th, 2011

Dear Friend, Ascension101.com has a new section where you will have access to audio interviews and past free teleconferences where I, Inelia Benz, have been invited to take part. At the writing of this newsletter, you will find access to a free teleconference hosted by Lucia Rene, and an interview by Tom and Ramon, from … Read more

Call to Action – How to deal with Perpetrators of Darkness

Throughout my life, and at various degrees, I, like other sensitive people, have felt the collective fear, pain and suffering on the planet felt by humans, as well as animals and nature. All the people, animals, all the plants, all the trees. There’s so much pain, so much suffering, so much violence. I feel it … Read more