Changing Narratives of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Over the past few months we have experienced a full on activation of the Alien Spaceship Narratives on Earth. 

I have written several articles about it and it still doesn’t feel like we have discussed it enough, or brought in enough information around this topic, as it will continue to increase before it comes to a full crescendo at a Mass Media narrative level.

There are some  items I want to revisit around this topic and are based on the actual Alien technology that has been harvested by our society. One of them is the alleged changes of narrative around this technology, and the other is about the way in which “disclosure” about this technology is being handled and why we are getting a certain nature of, and often conflicting, “formal” information around it.

There has been, in the past few months, a distinct movement, in the Official Narratives, from UAP possibly being commercial or foreign (other nations) technological objects, to them being outright “Alien” and off-world in nature.

This move is important to be aware of because the Alien construct narrative integrates that it is something bigger, and deadlier, than if it was just weather balloons.

Something that has been picked up by various people is the fact that we are still listening, and accepting, the information about these objects from people and organizations that have been lying to us for decades now. And these people are being presented as “experts”. 

And here is why I want to talk about this in particular; the fact that the information is coming from these individuals and organizations means that it is part of a narrative which is based on the Power Over Others paradigm.

Some of these people are being presented as having changed their minds and now they want to take advantage of the protection Whistleblowers can get. But if you listen carefully to their new narratives, you will see that the fear agenda is still going strong within them.

Words and body language can let you know how to spot a narrative. As well as “givens”. 

“Givens” are the things that assume a “truth” to begin with that is actually not true. For example, the words “anti-gravity technology” assume that “gravity” is real and a thing, when in fact it is only a theory of the experience of a force. It also assumes that the technology has to fight against it.

That’s just one example.

Another example, that we have already discussed in the past, is the use of the word “threat” and even, recently, “alien invasion”. 

These words are super loaded, right? 

Why, we might wonder, is the information that these types of technology are being harvested, coming out now? Why is it that the same people who denied the existence of aliens, and ridiculed anyone who said they existed, are now coming out and saying it was all true and that the technology is being harvested by companies?

Why are popular names, such as Uri Gueller and others, saying “I saw the bodies,”? And why didn’t they say it before? 

It all fits into the fear agenda. The tacit and implicit marching orders these people are getting from their bosses is ‘now you should say this’  And that is why it is our role to talk about what they are doing and saying. It is our role to talk about it because they are following orders to lead us into a narrative that is harmful.

We decided a long time ago that we would make sure to let you know what to watch out for that might suck you into the fear paradigm. And all these so-called disclosures are nothing more than a setup telling us there is an enemy that people cannot fight.  Think of it as setting the stage for the play to come.  You are predisposed to accept reality as they will present it, because the little bits of ‘givens’ you’ve taken as truths.

The other day I nodded as one of these disclosure people talked about the Havana Syndrome sandwiched in between talking about Alien technology. He didn’t say that the Havana Syndrome is alien technology, he just talked about it in between talking about aliens. This links “powerful weapon beams” and “death rays” to Aliens.

You see, a person can talk about green trees, then talk about tea, then talk about green trees, and this is a method to inject the link between green trees and tea to the person listening. Even though he may have not linked the two at all in his talk.  Now you want a green tea right?

So, what do we do now? Well, now we are informed that the way in which the Alien narrative is being presented (discussed at length in a different article), is live and being delivered big time. That the narrative is Fear based, and we can expect even more fearful and exciting things ahead.  And that this narrative is not for you.  Not for you to engage with, and not for you to share.  Instead, you share this newsletter, our podcast because it informs the true nature of this situation.  You’re informed, knowing and seeing, so share that knowing   

Why do they have to do it now? That’s open to speculation. Here are some thoughts around it:

  1. There is an agreement of disclosure that has to be met.
  2. People around the world are becoming more perceptive and seeing or capturing these technologies in their phones. Therefore what they witness has to be interpreted by a narrative of fear.
  3. There is a move to accept certain uses of this technology on the human population, and the population has to agree to it. If they are made afraid first, they will agree to use it with open arms.
  4. The aliens are coming and the population has to be convinced that they need to be eliminated so that they don’t question the companies and people who have made billions of dollars off of what is for all intents and purposes something that belongs to all humans, and was not meant for just a few to make fortunes out of or use to control the masses with.

I am always surprised by the level of entertainment on Earth at the moment. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t find some interesting aspect of society to look at, investigate, research and expose.

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