Claim the Entirety of Your Incarnation

Larry and I were listening to Crrow777’s podcast as he interviewed Kurt Kallenback. Kurt is a man who claims that the institutional routine of cutting the baby’s cord as soon as it is born, recording the baby’s birth as its first day of existence, and then discarding or doing who knows what with the cord and placenta, takes away our divine rights as a human person. Kurt and Crrow777 talked about how in South Korea, traditional age-counting custom considers every person 1 year old at birth and adds another year when the calendar hits Jan. 1, meaning a child born on Dec. 31 turns 2 the next day. And how this way of counting age was a more natural and empowering one.

His logic and theories were too far out even for me. But for some reason, what he was saying, the energy behind what he was saying, was resonant. In other words, it felt like he was paranoid and assigning blame and intent for these actions that did not belong together but the picture at the end made some sense.

I don’t know enough about Kurt Kallenback to talk about him as a person, or even comment on most of the stuff he said in that interview as the majority was a deep dive into victim/aggressor paradigms that made us all powerless and helpless. I found his insights fascinating because they were out there into the stratosphere of what we call “normal”. And whenever I come across a person like that, I take it as an opportunity to expand my awareness into something that might prove to be interesting.

Most of his talk was about how energetically and symbolically (and maybe legally, unsure about that bit), he took back those 9 months of life from conception to birth that had been taken away from him. According to him, those 9 months of life had been taken away by severing the umbilical cord before the placenta was born and had given all its energy to the baby, and then registering his existence from the moment of birth, not conception. When he took back those 9 months, he became complete, more powerful and able. And his severed part, the umbilical cord and placenta, was no longer claimable by the state. 

I wanted to give a summary of what I understood from the Crrow777 interview, and I hope I have given him a correct representation. 

The reason I want to give him correct representation and also bring him to our collective awareness is because there is something inherently true about the denial of existence before birth causing a lack of sovereignty and power.

How do I know this?

Well, as many of you know, when I hear something interesting, I try it out. I sat in the truck while we listened to Kurt talk, I closed my eyes, felt into that moment of birth, my birth, then traveled back to conception and claimed those months too. I claimed to have come into existence as a singular being from the moment of conception.

The change in my field, power and energy was instant. It was a “wow” moment.

Try it!!

I then told Larry about it and he tried it too. He also reported a change.

Of course, being someone who knows that people have had more than one life, and that not only the soul incarnates but that the body also has multiple lifetimes, I then went back to the moment of conception for the soul into physical reality, and for the body’s own conception in the Universe.

I was blown away.

All I can say to describe this energy is like suddenly I felt at peace. Suddenly all fears and worries and stresses and frustrations fell away. 

Not only that, but my awareness became more acute, more accurate, more capable.

I was like, “OMG we have to talk about this on Driving to the Rez, Larry!”

“Yes!” He said, “send me a text so we don’t forget.”

I picked up the phone and wrote: “Claim the Entirety of Your Incarnation”.

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