Connecting with Pachamama is not just for Shamans and Hippies

I’m thinking that if you are subscribed to my newsletter and receive my weekly articles and monthly essays, that you know you don’t have to be a trained shaman or a tree hugging hippy in order to know that connecting with Pachamama, better known to most of us as, Gaia or Mother Earth, is essential to our health and wellbeing. 

Did you know, however, that Pachamama is not just considered to be what we know of as Mother Earth by the Indigenous tribes of the Andes who use the name?

The frequency, energy and allocation of who and what Pachamama is by these tribes, is something worth exploring and connecting with.


Because it is closer to the true nature of reality than that of “Mother Earth”.

The main difference is that Pachamama is said to be the mother of reality, the Sun and all the planets. In addition, there is another name used by these tribes for describing what we know to be Earth.

Let’s think about that for a minute. Let’s play pretend and seek truth from that statement. When we look at the commonly held translation of the name “Pachamama”, we are told it means “mother nature” or “Mother Earth”. But in fact a closer translation is “World Mother”.

Unlike other Earth deities such as Gaia, Pachamama is the physical expression of reality as opposed to the concept of Spirit of Earth or the Spirit of Mother. It also includes our natural and nurturing connection with that physical expression.

Let’s go back to the World Mother concept. This way to translate the name expresses the aspect of Creator of the Universe and All of Reality we usually allocate to a God or Divine Eternal Intelligence. This is the translation that is, in my opinion, the most accurate one.

I wanted us to look at the meaning of this name, Pachamama, in the concept of Reality Creation allocated directly to connection to Earth.  The reason is that we generally relate to Earth as an entity which is disconnected from us, the Sun, the planets and the Universe. We perceive Earth as a lone ball of existence floating around the Sun. A ball we live on, are destroying, and are disconnected from.

When we look at Reality Creation as being one and the same as Earth, our planet, then new concepts and possibilities of reality can be perceived.

Whenever I see a different concept of reality, I like to look at those who hold it and how successful they are in life. When I look at the Indigenous people of the Andes, I can clearly see a huge change in direction of how they understand the Universe via Catholicism and European influence. But they didn’t all make that move. The ones that didn’t, still carry the wisdom and knowledge of the true nature of reality within their culture. When I look at those cultures I can see that they stay quiet, isolated and mostly are biding their time for when their knowledge of the Universe is ready to be shared and used by the rest of us.

Why is this relevant to us?

The light/dark paradigm, the POO (Power Over Others) dynamic of the lives we lead today, needs for us to be separated from each other and from the real nature of reality. Why? Because otherwise we could not play light/dark games.

Earth is not a ball that floats around in empty space around a ball of fire.

Earth, like us, is an intricate expression and continuous creation of reality that is not separate from us, the Sun, or planets. And most certainly it is not floating in empty space.

Pachamama, just play with the word, its meaning and its relationship to our expansion of awareness. Remove the illusion of separation from yourself and your environment. And imagine that there is a Universe where there is no empty space and where “nothing/zero” does not exist.

I am very much looking forward to exploring this topic with you.

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