Control and Manipulation

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While I do handle the technical side of things, I also consider myself a “felow student” of what Inelia has published.

As you probably know, three months ago we have launched the Walk With Me Now platform. Each month Inelia is publising a recording in which she is looking at various points of interest in our lives and she also gives personal examples.

Following resonance vs dissonance, we have looked so far at Relationships and Detoxifying Your Life. This months MP3 theme is (you’ve guessed it!): “Control and Manipulation”.

This one is pretty intresting for me personally. I’ve been told many times that I am a “control freak” and I’ve had my share of trying to manipulate others into doing something that I wanted.

Working with computers and taking care of the website, I have to exert a lot control over what is happening, how the resources are being used and so on. Am I over doing it? Am I too paranoid? I was curious if I would find an answer to these questions in this recording.

Of course, control is much more than that. We can control ourselves, the environment or others. And the flip side is that we can be controlled by others or even the environment.

When we think about “control” we usually tend to go right into the “victim-aggressor” cycle, but as you will discover in this MP3, it does not have to be that way. “Control” can be a tool that we can use, without the negative connotations attached to it.

How do you feel about?

– “My life is out of control”
– “This person is out of control”
– “I must control everything or my world will fall apart”

In our store you can find the full recording along with the transcript in PDF format:

Download the Recording: Control and Manipulation

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