Creating Change: A warrior’s path

I saw this picture on the internet and it reminded me of a situation I heard about some time back. It also reminded me of a question that was posted by a member at that was related to changing a country/society by our presence there.

A few years ago I met a beautiful woman, powerful, empowered, and highly intelligent woman, who had decided to work for Monsanto so that she could change things from the inside. I don’t actually remember what her position within the company was, but she worked there for many years. She said she had made multiple proposals for change, and had many conversations with managers and project leaders on how things could be done better.

When I asked her if she had changed anything in all those years, she said that there was at least one employee who worked there that left the company after several in depth conversations. She said that this employee told her she had made a huge change in her life. I asked her about the company, had she made any changes on how the company operated. She  responded that she didn’t see any positive changes. That Monsanto got stronger, bigger and more powerful each year. She decided to leave, but was still unsure if she had done the right thing, whether she should go back, whether giving up was right, or wrong.

When we are in a location, live somewhere, or are at a job, an organization, our energy enters and infuses the environment or organization. If we are actively supporting the actions of the organization with our work (time, energy, skills, chi), then all we are doing is empowering what they are doing. We empower the core energy, the animating energy and aims of the company or organization.

With regard to geographical areas, yes we can influence them. Especially if there are people there, but also by our actions. There is a story of a man who planted an entire forest by himself to save the island he lived on from erosion.  His name is Jadav Payeng. He has been planting trees and plants since 1979, now thanks to his work there are more than 550 acres of lush forest.

The difference between influencing a location by our presence, and feeding the energies that are there with our work and skills are very subtle, but the results are radically different.

If you are reading this article, it is very likely that you incarnated into this planet to make it a better place. To make it a human reality of kindness, compassion, happiness, joy, love and creative growth. You came to do this simply by being here, and broadcasting your high frequency core, your love and light, without barriers or restrictions.  Because you came here knowing this, to do this, it is often an intellectual logical conclusion that you can also change the mafia, or Monsanto, the pharmaceutical, medical industry, or other companies who are negatively influencing our species, by becoming an employee and changing things from the inside.

You can’t. At least not at a core level. Yes, you might radically change the lives of the employees you have direct contact with, but the people who run these organizations are deeply intent on power over others. Their core is set, and everything you contribute to their organizations makes them stronger.

You can change this planet, your neighborhood, your geographical area and even your household simply by being there. This is true. It takes time, it takes being in integrity, and it takes an environment that is also nourishing and supportive of you at an energetic level. It takes not doing anything that is contrary to your intuition, your knowing and your intent. Your integrity has to be at 200%.

So what can you do about the large powerful organizations that are creating pain and suffering around the planet? How can you change organizations, locations and companies that are intent on the suffering and exploitation of others? You can use the tool of 0bservation. This tool is extremely powerful. You might think that it’s too simple to have any effect at all, and that’s OK, use it anyway. Put it to the test.

The act of 0bservation is when we simply look at a topic, object or person, but do not have any “interaction” with it as it were. We observe and experience the observation of the topic, object or person but don’t judge it, thoughts about it are thanked and released, we step out of the way, and simply allow the universe to observe the item through our eyes.

  • Whenever thoughts, emotions, judgments or feelings come up about this topic, thank them and let them pass through you saying, “thank you for expressing”.
  • If one of the thoughts, emotions, judgments or feelings gets “stuck” in you and you cannot release it easily, use the Fear Processing Exercise (change the word “fear” to the emotion, judgment or feeling you are feeling), to release it, then continue Observing the topic.

I invite you to pick a topic this month, an organization, a situation, or an area, and simply Observe it.

Another tool to use is: Agreement, our choice.

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