Dealing with Friends and Family during Holiday Season…

It’s December again, and most of the planet is going into deep religious mode.  This will cause several things to come into our lives and energy fields.  One of them is the cultural tradition of spending time with individuals whom we would normally not spend time with.

A second one is the reestablishment of the giving away of our power to a third party in order to be “connected” to our Higher Self, God, Divine Consciousness, Source Energy, Goddess, Gaia, and/or any other manifestation of our own divinity.  In other words, our “disconnection” from our core self is strengthened.

This causes several things to manifest at a social level. We have the highest rates of suicides of any month around the world, for example. Desperation and the sense of “lack” gets amplified.  Indulgence and addictions get triggered.

What does this mean to us energetically? Well, it’s like a big heavy, and low vibrational wave going through our own emotional, energetic, mental and physical bodies.  It can trigger the savior energy in us, or perhaps also the martyr or even victim energy.

So what can we do?

Well, first of all, we learn how to deal with our sleeping relatives and friends.  I have a youtube about this topic which I would highly suggest you watch again here:

Dealing with Sleeping Friends and Family:

Secondly, set up an alarm in your phone or clock every two hours or so, and when it rings simply observe where and when you are.  Ask yourself, “am I here and now?” and see how comfortable you are in the here and now. If there is deep discomfort, then take action to move into a situation or place that feels more resonant to you.  Make sure to do this without putting others “wrong” and you “right”.  Without judgment of yourself or others, simply shift your place, location, space, and vibration.

For the next few days, I would also suggest you do the Reconnect With Gaia’s New Paradigm exercise once a day. You can find the exercise here:

Whenever we shift vibration, especially when we go from a low vibrational situation to consciously shifting to a personal high vibration, we are transforming and morphing the entire human collective “agreement” of what happens during this Holiday Season. The more of us that have the intent and actively and consciously move and shift from the “given” Seasonal programs and media campaigns into an empowered and joyful state of being, the faster we will achieve the reality we want to experience on this planet 😀

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