Do you trust me?

The other day I got a newsletter from my pet food supplier saying, “Trust me when I say…”. That was the title of the email.

I didn’t like that title. I don’t know this guy and anyway, does he even write his own newsletters? And from all the other newsletters I get from him, I know I like his products and what he writes is usually useful and accurate, but do I trust him? Not automatically, no.

I read the newsletter and truthed it. At the end of it, I trusted myself to make a good decision based on his data.  

This is the point I want to make here. I didn’t call this newsletter “Trust me, I know what I am doing” because trust is yours to have and create, not for me to demand.

When we trust ourselves, we are able to know that we can discern good data from bad data, and good people from bad people. 

I didn’t  trust myself with people at all as I have always seen the best in people. Literally, I see their light and not their present personality construct (which by default contains a lot of programs that are not made of light). 

So, with people I am more streetwise nowadays and I usually ask my allies to check a person out before I commit any time to them. Especially Daniela, my daughter, she’s super good at seeing through people to get to the meat and potatoes of their personality or intentions.

Therefore, my trust of myself around people has become good now as I do trust my allies. I trust myself to make the right choices around people not through my own superpowers of discernment, but through my allies that have those superpowers and my capacity to rely on them.

What I have been teaching all these years is pretty much tools to expand one’s awareness in order to reach a level of understanding and certainty that brings that trust into ourselves and about our discernment capacities. This includes good allies.

It also includes TRUTHING what you hear, read and see. Just because something comes in through your senses, doesn’t mean it’s real. “If it’s real for you then it’s real”, is incomplete. The true sentence should say, “If it’s real for you, then it’s real for you but not necessarily part of the shared co-creative construct we call ‘reality’ as a species on Earth”. 

TRUTHING pretty much bypasses our own illusions of reality (what’s true for me, type energy) and goes to the core of what is real and true.

So, I ask you again, do you trust me?

I would really like to hear the answer, because as we move into connecting with 2 million allies on  Earth, trust has to be something we all have for each other.

Do I trust you?

I trust parts of who you are. I trust that if you are a lightworker reading this, you are fully committed to co-creating the high-frequency paradigm experience on Earth. And that makes you my trusted ally.

Do I trust you won’t make any mistakes in your life or stop running low frequency programs like the victim/aggressor cycle program?  I don’t know you or your work well enough to make a discernment on that score. I don’t have enough data to truth it or give my allies and request their viewpoints on it.

I put in those examples because it is really important to develop trust in ourselves. We need to trust that we will be discerning enough, and have enough awareness and allies to make the right decisions in life. Once you have that, you can literally trust in life.


And that’s why I am doing this work. So you can become able to make the right choices in your life that will result in a high-frequency reality for all of us on Earth.

Share this article widely so we can build our best superpower – ALLIES in co-creating the High-Frequency experience of Earth.

Inelia Benz
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