Everyday life problem? Use your mystical skills! :)

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Has it ever occurred to you that you can use your mystical skills in your everyday life?

Up until not too long ago mystical tools and skills where the domain of occult groups and closed religions, but not anymore! As millions of people on the planet have raised their vibration to higher frequency these tools and skills have become available and relevant to everybody.

People around the planet have become much more powerful in broadcasting their energy, thoughts and intentions, sometimes they do it consciously and sometimes unconsciously.

For us, it means that we need to learn to manage our power. You can call this “mystical etiquette”. It also means we need to increase our discernment.

Acting from a mystical level can be very useful for your physical experience. Learning to manage your “broadcast power” means you have better control of the intent and energy you put into your field and your environment.

If you feel stuck or blocked in some way, you can turn “The Mystic” on! And mine for information or send out intents. You get to choose who will see you, and who will not, and what types of interactions you want to have. Suddenly you may remember the future, or have a sense of what’s happening that day, or have a sense of what somebody is going to do.

I would say that our mystical/spiritual life is no longer separate from our day to day life. So the ability to accurately use your mystical senses is more important than ever.

It also means that your discernment ability needs to increase. Not every thought in your mind is yours, not every urge you feel originates from you. Trace the energy line to find its true origin and then decide consciously if you are going to act on it or not. If someone calls you on the phone, you don’t have to pick you. You choose if you answer or not. The same is true for mystical interactions.

A good practice is to pick a situation in your life and imagine how using your mystical skills could help! Like finding more information, feeling for resonance/dissonance on a choice you are faced with? Asking for support? Broadcasting your intents and your agreements?

There are a lots of ways in which you can put your Mystic Hat On in your daily life :).

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