Feeling a Withdrawal?

In the past week or so, I have personally felt and witnessed a deep feeling of disconnect between the body, environment and mind.

As I looked around, I saw that others seemed to be doing things and acting in a very disjointed and disconnected way.

When I spoke about 2020 at the start of this year and end of last year, I talked about 2020 being the year of joining your tribes and communities. It was the year that marked the end of the lone wolf.

This was a collective decision, not just for high-frequency beings such as yourself, but also for low frequency-beings such as all those asleep people who are choosing fear and subjugation over freedom and awareness.

As I talked with Larry about the feeling of disconnect, he mentioned to me that it felt more like a withdrawal. A feeling of going into oneself and into our own inner worlds, leaving the body, mind and spirit to fend for themselves.

This way of explaining it seemed more accurate.

I thought I would send you an email about all this as many individuals I have mentioned this to others at wwmn and in the community here at the Olympic Peninsula, many people thought it was them alone, not something that is in the collective right now.

Is this related to the Covid fear driven subjugation of the masses? Yes, it is. Trillions of dollars are being spent to create an extreme “fear of each other” environment. By covering our faces, staying six feet apart and being afraid of each other, the human collective is doing the opposite of what it is supposed to do this year, which is to get together, work together, join together to consciously co-create our experience on Earth.   

So many people are subscribing to the separation through fear that it is affecting everyone on the planet at different levels. We are a collective species. Our lives are all about the people around us. We need contact, and our bodies need touch. They need to see faces. 

As a mother of 4 children, I remember when my babies were first born and for the first few years, how they would seek out and respond to people’s faces. We do throughout our lives. Look at the leaves on a tree, the clouds in the sky, random patterns in cloth, tree, rocks, sand, and you will very soon start seeing faces. 

The cruelest and most severe punishment in jails is solitary confinement, it is the prohibition of seeing faces and having human contact from a person.

Withdrawing into oneself is a natural consequence of this cruel and unusual punishment. It is amazing that a huge majority of people around the world have voluntarily subjected themselves to this situation through fear of punishment or disease. It is amazing how easily and readily sleepers are led into creating horrific circumstances for themselves.
And that, in my opinion, is the main reason why those of us who are awake are also withdrawing right now. The reason is that we have to let that world, the world of power over others and fear mongering, collapse.

So, what do we do about this? Do we do anything?

Yes, we do. I made a list of items that will help through this reaction:

  1. Know you are not the only one going through this.
  2. Know that it is not depression, or anything the matter with you.
  3. It is not about you.
  4. Do reconnect with other people as much as possible, even though it feels like the opposite of what you want to do. As much as you can, make sure the people you reconnect with are also awake and aware of what is really happening on the planet right now.
  5. Walk on the ground barefoot, hug trees or lie on the grass. This is about reconnecting with Gaia.
  6. Do something to challenge your mind. Taking an online course that teaches a mentally challenging skill. 
  7. Use your body, go for walks, and if you are stuck in a country or city that doesn’t allow walks, buy yourself a skipping rope and skip regularly during the day.
  8. Research and do some deep breathing exercises.
  9. Rotate your shoulders gently in circular motions, and find exercises that stretch your ribcage. 

And of course, send a link to this article to anyone and everyone you think it might help.

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