Feeling Lonely

December often brings about a sense of loneliness, melancholy, loss and lack to adults, and some children too.

These feelings are perpetuated by the media and by society.

We also get feelings of wanting to share, to give, and we feel compassion for those who are not as “lucky” as we are throughout the “holiday season”.

The winter/summer solstice (depending on where in the world you are located), is charged with Gaia’s dormant and potential energy in the North, and plentitude in the South.

How to respond?

Throughout my life I have had Decembers filled with joy and sharing, and others where our family did not have food to eat. I too have felt the loss of not being able to share this season with those who have left the body, or who have disappeared into the world, never to be heard of again.

If we were in touch with our local geographical energy, if the season had not been hijacked by the media, commercialism and religion, this would be simply a time to celebrate the season’s gifts. Or not.

Feeling lonely is an act of separation. The sadness we feel at not having someone by our side is something that is natural for the human species. Our bodies need human contact, and our being does too.

Our being. Our essence of singular expression of consciousness as a member of the human race, is cut off from other humans, as well as from Source. This is NOT a natural state for us. As we raise our vibrational level, we begin to feel less and less lonely, less cut off, less dependant on those tiny moments of human contact and more able to embrace the entire Human Collective.

One of the tools used to separate us is Language. Verbal and written language is not natural to the human species. These words that you are reading right now, are not our natural form of communication. They separate us, they separate energy and ideas. But, for now, it is the only way to communicate complex ideas through the mediums we have access to.

However, we can move past this form of separation. Twenty minutes a day, minimum, of silent meditation is a very, very powerful tool that moves us past “language” and into the form of communication which is natural to us. Direct connection with source and others of our, and related, species.

“But I can’t meditate!” some of us might shout. Not so. If this comes up, do the firewall exercise on the Tools section of the site. And the Fear Processing Exercise too. Most of the time, the inability to silence our minds comes from fear alone.
And, as Yoda from Star Wars said: “No! Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

At the end of the day it is very simple. Do we want to move past this paradigm of separation, or don’t we? There is no right or wrong answer, they are both as valuable and honorable paths of evolution as each other. They are simply no longer compatible.
So, when we feel lonely, we look at it. We don’t judge. We don’t analyze it, we don’t try to suppress it or make it go away. We look, and we welcome the emotion, we let it grow, we feel gratitude, we send it love and light and embrace it back into Oneness … we free it.

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