Feeling Rejected, Rejecting Others

I was looking at the energy lines of rejection. Here is some information from the internet about the word itself and its etymology. 

“The act of rejecting, of throwing off or away, or of casting off or forsaking; refusal to accept or grant: as, the rejection of what is worthless; the rejection of a request.

directly from Latin reiectus, past participle of reiectare “throw away, cast away, vomit,” frequentative of reicere “to throw back,””

I found that generally speaking, the feeling of being rejected, and also that of rejecting others or other, is huge in our society at the moment.

The feeling can come in, depending on the person, as “being rejected” or “rejecting others”. 

There were some questions I had about some common denominators on recent popular movies and tv shows of physical expressions of “rejecting” like vomiting and peeing taking up the whole screen when these actions don’t add anything to the plot. As I saw the definitions of “rejection” I saw that this is exactly what these scenes portray, as well as stimulate the viewer to feel. 

Furthermore, within the groups I participate in, I have been observing how people are either rejecting themselves or others. Or feeling deeply rejected.

These are all data points for me that indicate something major happening on the planet because the level of rejection and feeling rejected is way above normal right now. 

I tested my own body and energy field, mind and feelings to see where I stood with the energies. It was shocking and surprising to me that they were full of this energy. Before I could give it a name, it felt like nervous energy. Or an energy of discomfort and tension. Irritating.

As I tapped into it, I found that how it expresses itself in my own field, as a professed lonewolf,  is to reject and not to feel rejected. In fact, the thought of being rejected soothes the tension. This, of course, is my own interpretation of a field of energy that is covering our world like a blanket.

This feeling seems to enter our field wherever we might have a vulnerable spot. That’s why I have seen so many people feeling rejected rather than the rejection aspect. Or at least, that’s the part that mostly affects them.

Fear of feeling rejected is huge in our society. It drives a lot of the marketing and advertising as well as politics and social engineered manipulations.

The other side of the coin is to want to feel loved, accepted, embraced, desired, wanted and allowed to enter. 

We can go on for hours psychoanalyzing or sociolinguistically investigating how rejection is being used today. But to me, those explorations are irrelevant because intellectually investigating such a phenomena doesn’t make it go away, or help us to deal with it. It just gives us data that satisfies us at an intellectual level but it’s not exactly practical.

To me, what’s important is to share that there are manipulations happening on the planet to increase and stimulate the feelings of rejection and for us to become aware of those manipulations. Once we are consciously aware that these feelings are incrementally becoming stronger is a manipulation, we can take steps to step back into controlling how we experience reality.

Let’s keep the following in mind to release being controlled or the impulse to control others due to the fear of rejection:

  • Fear of or just feeling rejected, feeling rejection, and acting outside of our natural impulses due to the desire to be accepted and loved, are all part of the same manipulation.
  • Realize that these feelings are not personal or real. At best they are negative programs you have integrated into yourself.
  • Release these feelings, or process them if they are catching into an inner program. Use the Stress Relief Exercise and change the word “stress” for the words “I feel rejected”, “I am afraid of feeling rejected”, “I feel rejection toward [name of person or group]”, “I want to be loved and accepted”. Depending, of course, on which one you are feeling the strongest.
  • Once the processing is finished, it can take a few days of 20 minutes sessions, spend a while infusing yourself with Source Energy (light).

Let me know how you got on with the exercise on my substack page.

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