Feeling sleepy recently? – it’s cool, nothing to worry about.

In the past two week, I have had several individuals tell me that they are feeling super sleepy during the day, and particularly stuck to their pillows in the morning.  A feeling that they can sleep the day away.

I got a few days of it myself! And so did Larry.

Seeing as it was no longer one or two people, I decided to take a look to see what was going on on the planet and in particular with high-frequency people, causing this sleepiness.

After struggling to keep my eyes open while I followed the sleepy energy line, I found it!

It is a BIG RELAX feeling in both our physical body elemental and our souls, which is the result of millions of low frequency people disconnecting from our larger collective, compliments of their Covid RNA vaccine, and millions of light-beings being born on Earth right now.

These two elements combined has raised the frequency of our Earth collective several levels. This is felt by our physical body elementals and boom! They relax and can now sleep.

If you are not feeling the big relax, use the fear processing exercise and search for a fear of relaxing. You can also do the statement: 

“In this moment in time and space, my physical body and I are completely and utterly safe.”

Say the statement out loud or you can think it if the situation is not appropriate, and do it several times a day for the next month.

If you are feeling the “big relax”, then sleep!  Go to be earlier and try to sleep in as much as you can during the week. Take a nap during the day too if you are able to. Relax, put your feet on Gaia, go for walks among trees, and enjoy Earth, your tribes and your good works!

Big hugs


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