Firewall to Ascension – the program they don’t want you to find.

The majority of individuals in human form have a firewall inserted in their field which stops them from doing self growth, ascension, or any other exercises that will help them achieve their ultimate evolutionary level.

This firewall is an energy construct which “feels” like a metallic implant somewhere in the body.  It can, and does, get activated every time we try to meditate, learn OBEs, lucid dreaming, spiritual or psychic development, or any other form of communication with our higher self, guides, the divine, angels or whatever we want to call our entourage of helpers and supporters we have around us.  And it appears that its very specific vibration can be triggered by external forces too.

The way to find if you have one of these firewalls is to complete the following sentence : “I do not meditate / process because______” .

Now, look at the answer, find the energy signature in the answer.  Scan your body and find it.  Now ask yourself the following:

“Did I put this firewall in my body?”  If yes, then why?  Was it voluntary or under duress? If not, then who did?

You may or may not get answers to these questions. However, the important things is that you found the firewall. Now, either remove it yourself and send it back to Source, or ask one of your guides or angels to remove it for you.  Then fill the space left behind with light and love.

If you find resistance to removing the firewall, focus your attention on the resistance, it could be a backup program to ensure you don’t get rid of the firewall.  For example: “I need more than this exercise to help myself/my loved one”, or, “I can’t find it”.  If you find one, proceed as above, then go back to the firewall.  Remember, no analysis, no judgment.

After you are done, go ahead and meditate or process. If the same resistance comes up, do the exercise again.  It might take a few goes, but it will eventually all be eliminated and you will be free do the exercises needed to reach your full potential in this lifetime.

Happy hunting :D

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