Fossil Beach – An Impossible Became Real

A BIG part of Instant Manifestation, and something we teach in the Instant Manifestation Workshops (IMW) at the iBenz Academy, is that we can accelerate our manifestations when we work with a compatible and focused group. 

In January 2021, I held an in-person workshop at the Shamanshack with the idea to record the lectures and streamline the labs for later delivery of the workshop online.

A big part of the IMW workshop structure concentrates on group manifestation items. 

One of the items we chose as a group on that first workshop to practice with, was to buy land together. Not just any land but magical, amazing, beachfront property land beyond the means of any singular one of us, could imagine, want for themselves alone or afford. We used some land that was for sale near us (or better) as a focus.

A short time later, one of the workshop (and Shamanshack community) members who was looking to buy land in the area, found 47 acres of beachfront land for sale between the Shamanshack and Port Angeles.

After much hemming and hawing, since the property was pretty big for this one person’s needs, the property was presented to the first IMW members to consider as a potential group land purchase. The invitation went out to see who wanted to participate in buying the property.

The window of opportunity to buy it was narrow in time. I could sense it closing fast, so everything and everyone had to make a quick decision.

There were several things that were very interesting about this land:

  • The price was outside the reach of most of the members buying it on their own. And the ones who could buy it on their own didn’t want it for various reasons.
  • The door to this opportunity was closing fast.
  • One of the reasons it hadn’t sold yet was that the highway it was on was closed due to a heavy snowfall and a massive landslide a couple of miles away and that section of the road was closed, which meant it was not on the visible path of anyone passing by.
  • Although the price was above most of the members’ individual reach, it was priced to sell fast. The market price was very low and prices would skyrocket soon after we signed the papers and the snow and road opened, and it became visible to others.

Ten parties from the workshop said yes, including someone who was support staff for the event and didn’t partake in it.

Several of the people who decided to participate had no idea how they would be able to pay for it and worked tirelessly to get the funds every month. And succeeded!!!

In April 2023, the land was paid in full, and ownership transferred to the group representative. 

What do we do on the land? We collect fossils, we cut the grass, we have camped there a couple of times, we planted fruit trees, mushrooms, got a water system going, set up a flushing toilet, and generally gather, enjoy it, and bask in the energy of the power of the group.

We haven’t made any decisions yet on how to use the land if at all. But it’s ours! That can come later.

A side effect of this project was the massive growth and improvement of life for all the people who participated in achieving it. Instant Manifestation, when done in a group, is massively powerful. A great and important part of the workshop was the link made by the participants to create projects or achieve goals together. Even individual goals, when supported by the group, massively accelerates to achievement or higher-frequency conclusion.

Fossil Beach is amazing. We paid off about $400,000 in 2 years. If we were to sell it at today’s market price, it would sell for around $1,500,000. That is one million, five hundred thousand dollars. Which we have no plans to do. Again, this amount is easy to pay by some individuals, but in the IMW group the majority of the participants could not do it by themselves. It was actually “impossible” for them.

Because the land is held by a high-frequency group, that healthy group energy is now solidly anchored on Earth and being amplified by the land itself. And it is something that anyone can achieve when they have good allies and good counsel. 

There have so far, as of May 2023, been two online IMWs. One of the interesting aspects of these online workshops is the 100% completion rate and continued collaboration by the students after the workshop ends. Many amazing and exciting personal and group projects and goals have been achieved so far. Fossil Beach is just one of them.

Why do I personally feel so passionate about this achievement, and the IMW? Because, as I have stated even before the first workshop, a world filled with empowered, capable, able, sovereign, high-frequency light-workers who are uniting to fulfill and co-create high-frequency projects and lives on Earth, is very important to me.

If you want to become part of a great group of allies and get good counsel, do join one of the upcoming (now accelerated) Instant Manifestation Workshops at our Academy. If you are not ready for it yet, no worries! We have the basic tools for you to become ready for absolutely free at our website. We suggest the Reconnection with the Spirit of Money Exercise, the Five Minute Meditation, the Fear Processing Exercise and the Firewalls Exercise. If these work for you, you will have the time, money and support for you to take the workshop with the knowledge that the iBenz Method works for you.

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