Greed, domination and power over others is so… YESTERDAY

One of the things I found super interesting in 2011 when I spoke publicly about the energetic split of our experience of life on Earth, was the amount of people who chose (at the time) to go with the dark/restricted paradigm, and how few chose the light/expansion paradigm.

“It would be so boring without drama and hardship here!”
“How will people become good people without pain?”
“You need the contrast of darkness to appreciate the light.”
“Oneness needs darkness.”
“We need the balance of yin/yang, light/dark to be complete.”
“I am a bodhisattva, how will I reach enlightenment if there is no one to support and help?”
“I want to feel needed, if no one needs me, there’s no point living.”
“Light/expansion is a utopian dream, it will never happen here.”
“I’m a warrior, and my job is to fight darkness, are you putting me out to pasture?”

The reasons for people to want to stay in a dark/restrictive paradigm went on and on and on…

Now, it is eight years later and the main energy toward the restrictive, malevolent and low-frequency experience of greed, domination and power over others is just boring, passé, and quite honestly, YESTERDAY.

Below are some more words to describe the paradigm of light/dark that has kept our species entertained and stimulated in darkness for the past few thousands years. Do take your time to read them, the more of them you agree describe the light/dark paradigm for you (and others that come to mind), the sooner we can feed the seeds of discontent towards darkness in our society and the more the seeds of growth, light and excitement can take root. Yup, I am asking you to be discontent with the light/dark paradigm and just drop it. Go for the light/expansion paradigm and that huge awesomeness which will result from it… here are words that describe the old paradigm:

antiquated, archaic, dated, démodé, fossilized, moribund, moth-eaten, neolithic, Noachian, obsolete, out-of-date, outmoded, outworn, prehistoric, rusty, superannuated, banal, blah, boring, dull as dishwater, flat, flavorless, ho-hum, humdrum, insipid, monotonous, pabulum, sapless, tame, tedious, unexciting, uninspiring, uninteresting, unstimulating, vanilla, vapid, waterish, weak, wimpy, wishy-washy…

… it’s just SO YESTERDAY!

The people who believe in, the dark/restrictive paradigm are shrinking both in numbers and influence. There are less and less people on the planet who are OK with greed, domination, and power over others. Just look at the #metoo movement! The whole world saying, “enough of that shit.” (Pardon my language).

As you probably know, I hang out at our empowerment platform, and I also spend a lot of time with my students and mentorees. This means that every day, I am witness to stories of excitement, growth, a huge success in life, work, love, enlightenment and empowerment. Every day someone will have a breakthrough and I get to hear about it.

Some individuals have gone from living in stress, unhappy with their lot, to living in a state of happiness, enlightenment and satisfaction. How did they do it? They changed their mind about embodying the old paradigm and feeding it with low frequency experiences and co-creations, and instead, they are embodying their high-frequency selves! That’s it :D

I know, I know. It sounds super easy, and I know, and have seen, that it’s not super easy. It’s kind of difficult when done alone, surrounded by negative creators. I’ve been there, done that, bought the T-shirt (and gave it back for a refund). You are not alone, though. Even if we have never met in person, you and me are both on this planet, we are both tired of the old, passé crap, and ready to embody the real deal, the real life we are meant to experience here on this beautiful planet, Earth. I am ready to explore the Universe and the Multiverse, instead of exploring dramas and low-frequency engagements with those who can’t get enough of them.

My reality is filled with high frequency, supportive people. It is filled with beautiful forests, oceans and clean, fresh air. My water runs free of chemicals, and my eggs come from happy hens who have names and a full life.

And guess what, that’s my idea of heaven, that’s why I have it now. I also get to expand my mystical skills, explore them with my students, I get to hear Gaia’s whispers in the rocks, trees, wind, animals, and plants. I get to sit in wonderment and awe at the beauty in every day and every person I meet.

It’s awesome.

If you are creating a life that is high frequency, beautiful, expansive, exciting, inspiring, filled with treasures and explorations, discoveries and gems… you are welcome to share it with me :D

The old paradigm of light/dark conflict is [add your adjective here]… and so YESTERDAY. Let’s step into today :D

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