Healing the Hurt

If you watched my Look at 2017 video, you will be familiar with the three aspects we will be facing in 2017. These three aspects are, Healing the Hurt, Commitment and Unification.

Today I want to address Healing the Hurt. I want to address what it means to actively heal the hurt we have in our lives, culturally, familial, social, and physical to then be able to act and do from a place of wholeness and joy.

When we act from a place of hurt, our actions are infused with pain, suffering, fear, anger and other low frequency vibrations. By healing the hurt inside of us before we act, we are not only empowered and clear of low frequency vibrations, but also we are actively feeding a world of peace, joy, love, abundance, nurturing energies and care without overlaying it, or giving power to, low frequency energies hijacking our work and actions.

There is no “one” modality to heal the hurt. Depending on your culture and upbringing, you may have access to multiple healing modalities. Find yourself a healer and heal your hurt! Or find a good resonant modality and do it by yourself.

To this end, the Ascension101 Team and I are going to be concentrating a lot of our energy and work this year to support and empower healers around the planet, as well as doing some healing exercises available for your use.

If you are a healer, tell us what you need to be more effective in life and in your work!

As a healing starting point, if you are a healer I would like to ask you to dedicate ten minutes after each session you give, to heal the hurt of people of our planet using whatever modality you are an expert in. If you are going to a healer for session, I would like to ask you to pay for an extra 10 minutes and ask the healer to use their modality during those 10 minutes for healing the hurt of the people of Earth.

To begin this support Healing the Hurt call to action for 2017, I would like to share with you the healing meditation we did in Girona on 2016. Do the exercise as many times as you can, and also feel free to share either this email or the link to the video with those people in your lists, your FaceBook page, twitter, other networks you belong to, and your friends and relatives.

Let’s get this ball rolling!

Here is the link to the Healing exercise video:


Thank you

Social Media is trying to shadowban us, but thanks to your help we are reaching everyone who needs it. Please share it on all the platforms you are on and continue to get this information out there.

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