High Frequency Emergency Kit

This is a kit of files, ideas and sentences you can use when you fall into low frequency emotions, thoughts, body, situations and relationships.

It is an emergency kit that will help you pull out of those low frequency engagements. It is an active kit and it requires you have the full intention not to indulge in low frequency programs. It was co-created with the members at WalkWithMeNow.com

Use one or more of these items depending on the severity of the emergency and the length of the situation.

1. Count to Ten.

2. Breathe in slowly, and breathe out very fast, until the big emotion is past.

3. If you are in a situation where you can, then kneel on one knee, touch the ground with one hand and with one deep breath take stock of the emotions and situation.

4. “What would it look like if this was easy?” (as taught by the author Tim Ferriss)

5. Quick Exercises:

5 Min meditation

5 Min relaxation

6. Watch a funny video, for example:

– Baby laughing: watch video

– Funny animals: watch video

– Class of 99: watch video

7. Look at something beautiful, a flower, a pet, a sunset, sungaze.

8. Meditate/Contemplate while looking at a pretty candle.

9. Go for a walk while listening to positive music.

10. Take a salt bath.

11. Ask/demand the “Universe” what I need right NOW!! (Sometimes is a hug, a chocolate, clarity)… It always comes one way or another.

12. Go to your happy place (in real life or daydream).

13. Personal and Global Mediation

14.  When in the victim /aggressor cycle review Return of the Hero

15. Physical support: Rescue Remedy, hug your body, stretch and yawn deeply, favorite hot tea, favorite incense or scent, go for a walk, go for a run, swim, surf, do physical indoor or outdoor work (clean house, do dishes, tidy up, gardening, chop wood, fix car).

16. This article can also help: Bad things happening to good people

17. LOL – I don’t want to do my paper work!

18. Use the Self Empowerment Quotes book to get a message from Gaia.

Social Media is trying to shadowban us, but thanks to your help we are reaching everyone who needs it. Please share it on all the platforms you are on and continue to get this information out there.

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