Honor the Awakened Being in Your Body

In some countries, an awakened person is honored, loved and supported. Not many awakened individuals have experienced this in the West. It is time to do it. Let’s start with ourselves and allow it to reflect in our life. Let’s extend it to those who are awake around us, the ones who are journeying with us, and co-creating a new paradigm of higher awareness and consciousness. The ones who are embodying the new paradigm without excuses or delay.

When I see how native cultures treat their beloved shamans and wisdom keepers, their healer and their guides, when I watch yogis and gurus, lamas and monks being supported, respected and admired… I think of YOU.

You have awakened and worked on your empowerment, work tirelessly to support and empower others, and I would like to THANK YOU.  My heart and love for you is eternal. My respect and admiration for you knows no bounds.

I would like you to reflect upon my words, and feel them for yourself. Honor yourself for being awake regardless of the endless stops and blocks you have faced in your life. Feel love and admiration for your soul, the same person who looks back at you in the mirror.  Accept your inner light, your wisdom and your high frequency nature and allow it to shine unrestricted.

Print out this picture and place it somewhere you can see it every day, and when you look at it, remember my words. Remember to honor your awakened self.

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