How do I start the Ascension process?

The Ferrari of Ascension modalities is “Love”.

If you want to take the fast way there, then start experiencing Love at every opportunity. This does not involve another person, except perhaps in reminding us what love is. This involves you.

You also need a daily practice of staying heart centered, meditation, quietening of the mind and allowing Flow.

To experience Love, you have to open your heart to receive it. Love is you and it is all around you. There is no lack of love in the world and no other person can give it to you. Love is you.

If you know what I am talking about, then start by becoming aware of your Heart Center, the spot in the middle of your chest just behind the breast bone. Be aware of this spot during the day and during meditation.

If you have no idea of how to experience Love because life has treated you harshly, then recall someone, a person, pet, or something that you love now or loved in the past. Let that warm feeling appear and be aware of it. Now become aware of your Heart Center.

This is by far the best way to start your Ascension process.

After this, sit in silence, and allow Love to flow. This is such a strong and powerful experience that sometimes it can become overwhelming.
The person will often feel dizzy, release strong emotions through crying, will occasionally become sexually aroused or nauseous. Allow the emotions to manifest and flow.

It might take a weeks or months of practice to become completely comfortable in this procedure. Stick at it.

Also check out the Ascension Tools for audio downloads you can use during the day.


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