How Pigs Support the Power Over Others Paradigm

Since the beginning of the year, I have been in deep discussions at about the new paradigm, the old paradigm and how to step into our power, and be in absolute integrity when it comes to consciously choosing the experiences we involve ourselves in. How to embody the new paradigm in every area of our lives.

In the past few weeks, I have been encouraging individuals, both at wwmn and private students to spend a few minutes a day closing their eyes and relaxing into their natural frequency.

Simply that. Sit, close your eyes, and allow yourself to float into your natural frequency. As a human being, your natural frequency is super high. The fact that you are reading this article means that you are probably here to raise your and our species’ frequency back to their natural state. And that state is very, very high.

When doing this exercise I noticed something very interesting. Although I was able to do it, I also felt an underlying fog within and around my body, mind and energy field that was low frequency and kept my experience of the world at a much lower frequency than I naturally am.

As I tapped into that fog, I found a meat product as one of the anchor points of that frequency. I had eaten pâté for a few days and the source was not organic nor specifically humane.

You are probably aware that I often advise that you get as many products as possible from humane sources. If you are going to eat animal or vegetable products, do your best to find ones that are from happy animals and plants.

You are also probably aware that this is not always possible. When it’s not possible, you need to measure the benefit vs cost of the item. When I looked at the pâté, the scale went on the beneficial side. I was surprised, but followed my guidance.

As the days went by, I felt the negative fog get bigger and more solid. I became very curious. Yesterday, I sat down and followed the energy to its source and boom! What a shock I got.

Whenever I have seen the dynamic of us embodying the new paradigm, I saw only humans. Humans embodying the old power over others, light/dark paradigm and humans embodying the new paradigm of power of self, light/lighter paradigm.

But that fog, that energy line I followed went straight to a group of pigs in an inhumane farm.

At this point it is very easy to go into the righteous energy of saving the oppressed animals. And I have plenty of that, believe me. I, like most of the light workers I know, carry a ton of savior energy.

The pigs were willingly embodying the victim/aggressor energy

However, what I was really shocked to see was that the pigs were willingly embodying the victim/aggressor energy in every cell of their bodies. I was shocked. How could this be?

I expanded my awareness and tapped into cows and chickens, two other animals I am familiar with. And omg! They were also embodying the old paradigm in huge quantities. Suffering, pain, torture, loss, hunger… you name it, they were experiencing it full on… and passing it on to us through their meat!

I tested their collective choices and awareness. And finally I was able to sigh in relief. They too have chosen to step into a new high frequency paradigm of existence.

It is no coincidence that more and more people are choosing humane vegetable and meat products every year. It is no coincidence that more and more organizations are working on bringing back native forests and planting flower fields, desert plants or other natural habitats rather than lawns in their yard. It is no coincidence that more and more industrial farmers are choosing no-tilling forms of farming.

As I touched the pâté, I infused it with light and I told the animals that were inhumanely harvested to make the decision to be reborn in a different choice of existence. To choose high frequency farms and suburban gardens to come back in. To choose people in their lives that are connected, who can and will treat them with love and know what their needs and desires are. And if their desire is to continue existing and perpetuating the victim/aggressor paradigm, to go elsewhere because you know what? They are no longer welcome on Earth. Then I threw the remainder of the pâté away.

It feels to me that animals, plants and forests are making a positive choice just like people are. It feels that they are making the choice to support and be part of the new paradigm. It feels that their choice is being heard by us and it is changing the way we grow crops, keep and harvest animals, and manage plant, animal and tree farms. And it’s not just the “lightworkers” and small farm owners that are becoming conscious and aware and creating these new forms of food creation, but also large industrial farm owners and companies too.

What can you do? Well, when you visit your supermarket, tell the animals whose meats are being sold that you support them in making a better choice in their next incarnation. Tell them that they have a choice, and that there are people out there who will support them having a beautiful and happy life.

You can also vote with your money and buy only humane products.

You can also write to factories, farms and supermarket chains letting them know that they have a choice in what they make and sell.

But first, process any sense of righteousness that you may feel about us being aggressors and animals being victims… because guess what… they are divine eternal beings who are sovereign and chose to support the planetary choice of having a light dark experience. And it is now these beings who are making us aware that we should aim for their quality of life rather than their quantity of life. And when you do contact other people to make better choices, don’t make them the bad guys, but instead invite them to become co-creators of a wonderful existence on this planet.

Step into your natural frequency, and spend a few minutes there. Then expand out and find all the creatures and people on the planet who are choosing to do the same. We are legion.

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