How to find, join or create high-frequency tribes

With all that is happening on the Planet right now and with the call to step out of being a lone-wolf, the most common question I get is: “how to find or create a community.”

Before we get into the necessary “tactics” to find or create a new community, let’s look at the mystical side to this endeavor..

There are two very important “whys” you need to look at when you start a new project or look at a decision These are:

  • Why do you want it?
  • Why don’t you have it already?

So let’s look at the first one: Why do you want a community in the first place?

The primary reason that I am advising everyone to get into or start a community is that the lone-wolf program, while useful in the past, is now disempowering us at a global and societal level. We are a connected species and we thrive together in communities. A community is a way not only to weather the storms and the waves of change but to share your joys, learn from one another, and create a team of allies: share our strengths. Up to this point, we, the lone wolves, could get away with using the major societal systems as our “community”, to provide work, shelter, water, food, and company. But the plan by the promoters of power over others is to stop anyone who does not comply with the harmful regulations they are imposing to use their organizations and institutions, communications systems (including travel), from using them. Therefore you will either have to comply, or find yourself a new network of compatible individuals.

OK, let’s look at the second “why”, the “why don’t you have it now.

Let’s say you understand the reason behind having a new community, but you still don’t have one”. Why don’t you?

The likely reasons here are programs and belief systems. We get those from school, family, movies, stories, friends, work, and the media in ways we don’t even realize it’s a message we are being programmed with. For example, the idea of the hero who does it all alone against all odds is a program that is not just false, but disabling. It is a false teaching. In fact, the key to success is good allies and good counsel! The opposite of a lone hero doing it all himself or herself.

Another possible reason that you don’t have a community yet could be that being in groups is at best uncomfortable for you and at worst, painful. This is mostly because as a species on Earth, we have forgotten how collaborative groups work. And on top of that, dealing with people who do not take responsibility for their stuff, who do not process their negative programs, is very tiring, frustrating, and boring. So we chose to keep ourselves to ourselves.

However, we are in a split, and this split is the time and place when we create the natural high-frequency dynamics that rule our existence on Earth. This means embodying the New-Paradigm, it means stepping into our personal power, into a state of “response” rather than “reaction”, and we are consciously choosing to create high-frequency experiences. Group dynamics change dramatically when everyone in those groups chooses to do this.

There are various tools and classes that can support you in getting into the stable high-frequency embodiment you came here to do:

For connecting with others and yourself, the Upgrading Relationships course is key:

And being with and around a bunch mystics and intuitives, which you will within any empowered group, is easier if you know the foundational basics:

With the energy and mystical areas covered, let’s look at some practical tools to get you both finding people and making sure the group stays high-frequency and cohesive.

Online is easier for the lone wolf to connect to others by using platforms like Telegram, for example. We have a public channel there filled with people just like you who are ready and willing to step up into creating the new-paradigm groups and structures we need right now. Many just like to keep in touch and simply know there are other sane people out there in the world.

For the finding, creation or running of physical communities, set the intention to become visible to others of your frequency level or above. Then go about your business of daily life. Once or twice a day, check in with yourself to see if there is anything different in your attitude, or other people’s attitude towards you. Don’t engage in low-frequency invitations, stay in integrity and continue within your chosen path.

You can also use online communities to check who is nearby and join or organize meetups.

Once you have a couple of people you are hanging out with or / and are planning to organize yourselves to create new systems, make sure you start your own “rules of engagement” for the group. This step has saved many, many groups from losing their way. There is a great example of one here that you can copy and edit to fit your group.

Also look into Sociocracy as a form of self governance.

Your new tribes and groups do not have to be complicated or even about empowerment as long as you keep your interactions high-frequency. You can learn or organize yourselves around topics like permaculture, knitting, apartment gardening, how to play guitar, hiking…. you name it. As long as you keep it high-frequency, you will do great.

And if all of this is sounds like “too much work”, a playground filled with high-frequency allies and counsel has been already set up for you to join on

Inelia and Ilie

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