“I don’t know why I am here”

I have had several conversations with people in the past few weeks where they have stated to me “I don’t know my ‘why’ of being here.”

I don’t know why I am here. I don’t know the reason why I was born. I don’t know what to do with my life. I don’t know what it is I am supposed to be doing. I don’t know what my mission is. Now that I have dropped my negative programs, I don’t know what to do with my life…

So many ways to express the same question.

My answer has been, “well, you follow my work, have you not listened to what my last few youtube videos say? They tell you why you are here.”

OH! the answer forms in their eyes. But I thought it was to reach enlightenment, empowerment, spiritual journey, finding my soulmate, having a satisfying life, so it’s not?… Some of them said and asked.

The seven steps of life, the reason to be alive today, is as varied as there are people on the planet. But, the core, or structure where they can have those reasons and life experiences fit into these steps:

1. You decided to be born on Earth at this time.
2. You were born.
3. You grew up.
4. You woke yourself up.
5. You educated and empowered yourself.
6. You decided to embody the new paradigm and do it.
7. You now step out into society and live, feed and co-create high-frequency experiences with others.

What about my fear? Anger? Desires? Limitations? Present low-frequency compromises and engagements?

We are in a transition time and therefore our own transition to embodying the new paradigm full-time is still littered with low-frequency self-expressions. But our intent and our decision to experience and create a higher awareness, higher frequency and broader experience of life is solid.

Then we have our physical bodies to contend with too. And they have been through the wringer when it comes to negative experiences and programming the past few thousand years.

Our bodies have had lifetime after lifetime of physical body abuse and destruction. And now, even while sitting comfortably in their homes, our bodies are subjected to visual depictions of physical violence and the disrespect and torture of other physical bodies via television shows and computer games.

Our bodies can’t really tell the difference between a “fantasy” or a real event. When you feel fear, disgust, sadness, or a rush of adrenaline, during your shows, that’s your body not knowing it’s “not real”.

My request for you then is to give your physical body a break from physical and emotional violence. For a day, week, month at least, please step away from TV and other visual input that depicts fear of disease (the news), fear of war (the news), fear of unemployment (the news), fear of social unrest and many other fears. Also, shows and movies where bodies are hurt, abused, violated or sexually stimulated.

This is about your physical body and how to support her or him to step out of the old paradigm and be able to support you, the soul, into embodying an expansive and high-frequency experience on this planet at this time.

Please protect and support your physical body during steps 5, 6 and 7.

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