I read that you are still irritated

Who, me? You may ask. Or maybe you are saying, “hell yeah, that’s me alright!”

Well, just to let you know, there’s technology our human collective is using to bring down your frequency.

Why would anyone want to do that? You may ask. And I sure did.

Here is why:

  • Thousands of years ago, we chose a light/dark experience.
  • This was a free will choice.
  • This choice we made had an expiration date. It was meant to last so long, then end.
  • Now is the time of its end.
  • In 2011, we, the human collective, us, decided to extend the experience for those who wanted it, and end it (going back to a pure light experience) to those who want that.
  • We called this a SPLIT in the human collective.
  • Left alone, we automatically go to our natural frequency, which is very high indeed.
  • Therefore, billions upon billions of dollars and resources need to be used to keep those who want to have a light/dark experience in the disconnected state of low frequency that allows for darkness to exist.
  • Technology is one of the methods used to lower people’s frequency.

And that, my dear lightworker, is why you have been feeling irritated recently. Those who chose the dark/light paradigm are feeling terrified, so being irritated is not so bad.


If you indulge in that irritation, and start creating low frequency engagements with yourself or others, you are feeding the beast. You are feeding the wrong side of the Split.


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