I thought fear was my friend. Turns out I was wrong.

Like most of us today, I was taught that fear was a good thing. That it was an essential tool for survival. 

For example, I was taught that if I didn’t develop a fear of fire, I would always get burned. Or that if I didn’t fear accidents, I would go through all the red lights in the city and create accident after accident.

The list goes on.

Turns out this “fear is your friend” teaching is not only false, but dangerous!

This is one of the 7 myths I will be busting in the next few weeks that will completely transform your life just by learning what they are.

So, why is fear NOT our friend? Fear paralyzes a person, making them a better target. When a person is fearful, they are a target for not just predator animals, but also to predator people. When a person is afraid, they can be made to do just about anything in order to stop the perceived or real “danger” they or their loved ones are in.

All decisions made from fear have negative results.  

I have found from working with thousands of people, that when someone bases an important life decision on fear, their life goes sideways very, very quickly. 

Fear is the known underlying energy behind stress, anxiety, insomnia, food addiction, bad relationships, horrible jobs, and the development of serious health issues.

That’s why when I developed the Fear Processing Exercise in 2010 (and by the way, you can change the word Fear for any negative emotion and it will work just as well), I KNEW it was the most important tool I would ever share with the world.

I still know this.

You can get my classes, join my platform, go to my lectures and events, but at the end of the day, nothing is going to be more important than this simple and effective tool. And it’s free.

Get it today, and share it, share it, share it. The more of us on the planet that deal with this issue, the higher the frequency of our experience here will become. Don’t procrastinate, there’s no time for procrastination. Do it now. Share it, download it and start using it. Do it for the planet.

Inelia Benz
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