I told you so… When we feel unheard

I know you can relate to being unheard. And I know you have said, or held back from saying, “I told you so,” millions of times in your life. Why do I know these things?

I know these things because as awakened light-beings, we can see more than others can and this causes our advice to often be dismissed (usually because there is no physical proof of what we are seeing), or we are totally misinterpreted. In other words, we say one thing, but something else is heard by the person or people we are talking to. They hear something that is within their own paradigm of reality.  For example, I remember telling Larry to drill a new well for the Shamanshack because Gaia said we will need it.  Did he listen?  No, he said, “well, it’s raining a lot now. We never used to have dry well issues, probably it was just a fluke that one year plus we used too much water gardening, we will be fine if we stay water aware if it gets dry again.”   Yep, logic says he’s right.  Didn’t turn out that way though. The Shamanshack had no water for months last summer no matter how careful we were.

You would think this would have taught him to listen when I tell him to fix a well, but no. This winter I got strong guidance to set up a new water well system for our home, but did he listen? No. “It’s fine, our well didn’t dry up last year and for the filtering system there’s no hurry. We can do it later in the year.” I insisted it had to be done during the winter, but he just said, “it will be fine. Don’t worry about it.” I sat back and let the pieces fall where they may. As I am writing this, we have no water at home. We had to bring in a tank of water from the Shamanshack for showers and dishes.

One of the interesting aspects of the latest well situation is that when I saw it coming my body would fall into fear, but as I looked directly, the words that would come were, “Gaia wouldn’t send us to live here on top of this hill if she was then going to shut off our water.” 

As I sat with this knowledge, I realized that the present crisis was brought about to fix the system before summer arrives. It feels to me that this summer the water would indeed stop completely if we didn’t change the system now. I smiled as I saw that I can go unheard, but Gaia knows how to get through to Larry and isn’t going to let it seriously impact me.  It may just be more work for Larry since he didn’t listen earlier.

It is also true that the great majority of my readers, yes you, are here to lead in the New-Paradigm into experienced reality. You are leaders of your family, friends, groups and some of you have tens of thousands of readers, audience and students, in your own right.

What a strange and fascinating co-creation this is where the people that were brought in by the human collective, us, go unheard and misunderstood.

But we are not passive about it. When we are unheard or misunderstood, we can quickly change direction and say the same thing using different words, or try other tricks until the idea we are trying to convey gets understood.

It is very different when we are not heard at all.  Unheard and not heard at all, are different things.  When you are unheard, you are physically heard but the thing they hear isn’t acted upon.  Not heard at all is completely invisible, silent, nothing gets through.

How do we overcome the situation when we say or repeat something many times, but it goes unheard? We change our words, we change the frequency, even change the people we say the words to sometimes. Nothing.

Moving through the world unheard has been the story of my life. Even with thousands of readers, most of what I discuss and explore goes unheard. And when it’s heard, it’s often, like I described above as a common denominator for most of us, it is misunderstood. Only a small fraction of the ideas and data that I convey gets heard and correctly interpreted, or even retained. Plus, of course, by now I was supposed to have millions of readers, not thousands. That means that my words are completely invisible to the majority of the people I have been tasked with reaching.

On a more personal level, I often see situations or complications coming our way and I tell people around me about them, but nothing gets done. And then, it’s too late.

One solution, of course, is to do the things myself. But that’s a lot of things, and not all are things I feel comfortable doing. 

Another solution is to let things fall apart, the situation or crisis to arrive, and let the pieces fall where they may. And then, have the satisfaction of saying, “I told you so”.

At physical and personal level, and sometimes emotional level, there is some discomfort when I go unheard.

However, when it happens continuously, and at a global scale, it becomes rather heavy at an energetic level.

When I was super young, I would scream and shout and get very frustrated as I went unheard. When I was a teenager, I learned that being unheard was a normal aspect of life, so I released the frustration and sighed instead, and I learned to roll my eyes out loud. I also thoroughly enjoyed saying, “I told you so.”

As I grew older, I simply repeated things, a thousand times over, and then once more. Sometimes I will find another author or teacher who is saying the same thing with different words, and push them forward into people’s minds. This will occasionally yield good results.

Recently, however, I have started to “feel unheard” again. It has been quite a surprise for me. With it, a feeling of tiredness and frustration. And behind that, a feeling of wanting to give up.

Now, with that last thought came a big clue on why this is so up in my face right now. You see, we are in a split. And during this split our job, yours and mine, is to hold the light at all times. Not to pick it up for twenty minutes a day while we meditate, or when we don’t have a headache, or when we aren’t at work, but at all times. And if we don’t, then any tiny bit of low-frequency bundle we might carry with us will get blown up out of proportion.

As soon as I identified this bundle of suppressed frustration, I did the Stress Relief Exercise on it, but instead of using the words “stress” I used the words “I feel unheard”. 

Wow! That was eye opening. A barrage of programs, firewalls and traumas came bursting out. It changed the dynamic of my work completely. And brought huge relief around being heard and being misunderstood.

Immediately I took to the keyboard to share this with you. I know this is a common problem among us, and know that the energy in the world right now is crackly and explosive.

And I know that it is time we are heard and correctly understood. 

Let’s do this!

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